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Tribal is still taking over the Party Scene

Tribal is still taking over the Party Scene


The Puerto Rican duo J King y Maximan have a smash hit with “La Noche Está De Fiesta” a club mix that will make you hop around like you’re wearing a pair of mexican pointy boots. Mexican tribal sensation 3ballMTY also collaborate on the track, apparently we can’t get enough of these boys! Mexico and Puerto Rico have joined forces to make this happen! It represents a new trend in recent years of genre-bending musical collaborations that are becoming popular. The song was officially released last year but is just now blowing up on radio where it is now #1 on Urban stations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Could this song be this summer’s party anthem? As the lyrics say “Hoy si que se bebe, la noche está de fiesta, hasta que amanezca” meaning “Today we drink, the night is a party until the sun rises”. What do you think about this fusion?

La Noche Está De Fiesta Aka Hoy Si Que Se Bebe (feat. 3BallMTY) - Single - J King y Maximan

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