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5 Recommendations to get over your New Year’s Eve hangover

Make sure you get some of these hangover helpers if you’re thinking of having more than a few drinks tonight!

1. As a mom I always keep Pedialyte in the pantry just in case, but now I keep it for my son and myself! It’s the ultimate hangover cure. It has electrolytes designed to replenish the strength you lose on a night of heavy drinking and dancing! #Sharethelyte

2. Now, if you can’t get a hold of some Pedialyte, Gatorade is another alternative that is easy to come by. But for the more health conscious, juice made from organic fruit and vegetables can also help replenish electrolytes. Read: “The Secret Behind Gatorade & How to Replenish Electrolytes Naturally” via Food Babe

Fuel made for the field. #WinFromWithin

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3. Menudo Mexican beef tripe soup or Birria Goat Stew! This one was recommended by the Muzik Junkies, fan or not of these soups, these guys swear by it. As DJ’s they are around plenty of drunk people, so we take their word for it!

I have a deep addiction and I get get over it and that’s my suegros Birria sooooo damnnn deliscious

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Best menudo in town at Francisco Delis in Vista whoooooooo they get down

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4. A good michelada will cure anything in the morning! Try it with half the beer you would put in a regular michelada. This is like the Latin version of a bloody Mary, for those not familiar. 🙂

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5. Now, if you’re really feeling like a train hit you and can’t stand up, not to mention cook something, just heat up some water and have yourself a Maruchan Cup of Noodles.

They still do the job right!

Take a study break and make some Ramen. (It only takes 60 seconds to make, we swear.) #UseYourNoodle

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They say the best way to drink is to alternate alcohol with a glass of water, but who remembers to do that?!?!

Also, the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself by getting rest, so you will surely feel better after catching some z’s. If you have the luxury of sleeping it off, do it. Time cures everything!

Salud!!! Feliz Año Nuevo, Amigos!


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