Actress Gina Rodriguez shaves her head: ‘Who I am is not my f—ing hair’

Actress Gina Rodriguez shaved half of her head — and she doesn’t give a hoot if you like it or not.

“I think it all plays into the idea of being your own hero and not feeling like you have to live up to other people’s expectations. I am not my beauty,” she told Latina magazine of her new do. “Who I am is not my f—ing hair, and to be an actor is to transform. To represent a community is to commit, to give my entire all.”

The Golden Globe winner cut off her brunette locks for her part in the sci-fi thriller “Annihilation” where she plays a lesbian paramedic who joins forces with a group of women (Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh) sent on a dangerous expedition in hopes of finding a way to save the world.

Rodriguez, 32, also had plenty of praise for actor Mark Wahlberg when speaking to the magazine. The two starred together in “Deepwater Horizon” — a movie based on the lives of the workers on the drilling rig that exploded in 2010, setting off one of the worst oil spills in U.S. history.

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Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez.

Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez.


“Mark understands that he got to where he was because of all the people that helped him get there, including himself. He got me. He got the idea that s–t was hard and I pushed through. It wasn’t just hard as a Latina, it wasn’t just hard as a curvy leading lady, but it was hard as a woman. It was hard as somebody that came from the hood. He gets the struggle, and he could see it in someone else.”

Rodriguez will grace the cover of the October issue of Latina magazine.

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