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Sofia Vergara Talks Fairy Tale Wedding on Ellen

In case you missed Sofia Vergara on Ellen DeGeneres this week, check out these videos from Ellen Tube. The feisty Colombian let Ellen have it for not showing up to her wedding. Sofia even joked with her that she gave away her gift bag to one of her family members. Sofia’s wedding was an intimate gathering, only family and close friends were invited, 400 of them! Party went on until 6 a.m., it wouldn’t be a latin celebration without an after party.

The two friends also joked about working together on the Cover Girl photo shoot.

“They make her look pretty and make me say the important information” – Sofia Vergara

Watch: 5 Second Rule with Sofia Vergara



Emily Estefan – “F#ck To Be”

Emily Estefan, daughter of Gloria and Emilio Estefan, has recently put out a fun, energetic new music video showcasing her quirkiness and charm. “F*ck to Be” is not Emily’s first crack at music however, her youtube channel [link] is full of homemade music videos of her covers and childhood memories. Now in her professionally done debut she shows us that she is a unique person who can’t be swayed into something she’s not.

The message of “just be yourself” is strong as this song, but let’s talk about the elephant in the room, her voice. It is just so captivating and used in such a right way, it is no wonder that talent runs in the family. After surfing through some of her videos it leaves us wanting more from “F*ck to Be,” but that’s not a bad thing. We’re excited for what comes next from Emily Estefan, and “F*ck to Be” seems like just a teaser of more to come.

Watch Emily Estefan “F*ck to Be” video above.

Also check out her version of J Lo’s “Love Don’t Cost a thing.” we actually love this version! (music starts 1:30):

Twitter – @Emily_Estefan

Instagram – @emily_estefan

Facebook – Emily Estefan Music

Luis jimenez carolines-6

Photos: Luis Jimenez Network live from Carolines

Luis Jimenez, the king of morning Latin radio was back at it again at Carolines on Broadway in the heart of NYC. His hardcore fans are very loyal to him and will follow him everywhere he goes. Some fans came from as far as Boston and Pennsylvania to meet their radio Idol. The show started at midnight and we got to laugh with the cast of the Luis Jimenez show.

We also laughed with the opening comedians, Uruguayan, Aldo Marachlian, and from Hollywood’s wildly popular live Latina comedy show, The Hot Tamales, Kiki Melendez. We also got to hang out with one of our Favorite Dominican Platanoman, Ruperto Vanderpool, who also hit the stage. The show was completely sold out and the only one complaint we have is we wanted to see more of Luis’ stand-up!

For more than twenty years, Luis Jimenez has played host to the most popular and successful Spanish-speaking morning radio show in the country, keeping millions of listeners laughing with his razor sharp wit, side-splitting comedy skits and a colorful cast of supporting characters.

In September, he launched his own radio network, broadcasting his show live and uncensored through his website and new app that will be launching soon.

You can listen to it today at:

[FinalTilesGallery id=’36’]

luis jimenez show live

Luis Jimenez Live at Carolines

Luis Network Carolines
New York Comedy Festival presents the ‘King of New York Latin Radio’ with Luis Jimenez Show Live at Caroline’s in Times Square, the heart of New York City.

On Saturday November 14, 11:55pm be prepared to laugh your ass off with the cast and the one and only, many times imitated, but never duplicated, Luis Jimenez. There will be many surprises and one of our favorite comedians will be there too! Miss Hollywood aka Kiki Melendez, along with Aldo Marachlian, who is also one of the invited comedians.



The Luis Jimenez show is now available live and uncensored, to the world on their new app, you can find more info by visiting…

Want to know what the Luis Network is all about ? Check out our exclusive interview with Luis Jimenez:


Jennifer Lopez on new NBC series ‘Shades of Blue’ (Trailer)

Jennifer Lopez debuted the trailer for her upcoming police drama Shades of Blue which premieres January 7th on NBC. In the series, Jennifer plays a corrupt cop who is forced to become an FBI informant and betray her boss and mentor, played by Ray Liotta.

Watch the trailer above!




J Balvin toyota latino-18

J Balvin and Becky G at Best Buy Theater

The Best Buy Theater in Times Square was the perfect stage for this La Familia Tour with Colombian Superstar J Balvin and young Latina sensation Becky G. No rain could stop these fans from coming out to see these two great talents. The evening started with a performance by Becky G which delighted her young fans who sang her songs out loud.

Then the parcero hit the stage with his smash hit “Ginza” and then the party got a little more R rated. With Colombian flags waving and cell phones that could illuminate the whole stage, J Balvin delighted his fans with his hot (and sweaty) performance. The show had a few rock song covers which was a surprise since Reggaeton is so far from rock, but it was a pleasant surprise! J Balvin also did a rap in which he sent a special message to Donald Trump. When J Balvin says “Los Latinos Se Respetan” the crowd goes wild. Check out the video below!

[FinalTilesGallery id=’31’]

The concert was sponsored by @ToyotaLatino and in the venue you could see posters and cute photo setups which gave the fans a chance to get really close to the artist they came to see! Or at least it seemed that way in the photos! Here is Nikki hanging with J Balvin…

sabado gigante don francisco

‘Sabado Gigante’ with Don Francisco comes to an end

Many first and second generation Latinos in the US grew up watching Sabado Gigante. I tuned in with my family every Saturday to see Don Francisco’s super variety show. It might have been a little bit more special for me than for the average Hispanic since I was born in Chile, same as Don Francisco. Coming to the US in the 90s was a major culture shock for me at the age of 9, but Don Francisco not only made everyone laugh, he brought a piece of home to us in the states. I can even say he saved me from some bullying. Yes, bullies that would laugh at me and call me the Mexican Chilli Pepper!

It’s pretty funny now but back then when there was no google search or maps at our fingertips people had no clue where Chile was or what we were about. Thank goodness for my Puerto Rican and few Dominicans in Brooklyn at the time, they would say “Oh Chile. Like Don Francisco.” And there, the feeling of being strange or different was gone, these people kinda knew me. I had found my clique! Thank you, Don Mario!

You can see the last episode of Sabado Gigante tonight, September 19, 2015 on Univision.

12 Things you Probably didn’t know about ‘Sabado Gigante’ and Don Francisco.

  1. Don Francisco’s real Name is Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld.
  2. Mario’s Jewish parents fled from Nazi Germany.
  3. Mario Kreutzberger was born in Talca, Chile.
  4. In 1959 Mario Kreutzberger came to New York to become a tailor and follow in the footsteps of his father but he returned to Chile with the idea for a show based on what he had seen on American variety TV.
  5. In 1960 Kreutzberger’s Sunday Variety show was 8 hours and got cancelled twice.
  6. After two failures the 3rd time was the charm, in 1962 Sabado Gigante was born in Chile.
  7. Kreutzberger only missed one show back in 1974 when his mother passed away.
  8. In 1986 Sabado Gigante started filming in Miami on (SIN) Spanish International Network, now know as Univision.
  9. Sabado Gigante was a hit in Chile, Latin America and Europe and was broadcast in more than 40 countries.
  10. Sabado Gigante has been on TV for 53 Years and has never had a single rerun.
  11. Sabado Gigante is the longest-running variety show in television history.
  12. We now have a Don Francisco Boulevard at 168th Street and Broadway in Washington Heights!


Sabado Gigante’s Legacy will live forever in those who grew up watching the show with our families, because no matter where we were there was always a show on Saturday nights that the whole Hispanic family could watch.

Get nostalgic and watch some videos of ‘Sabado Gigante’ throughout the years, via Univision.


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