Fall Look: Boots and Dress…


A great pair of tall boots are a clothing staple that should be found in every woman’s closet. There are tons of different styles; flats, wedge, heel, over the knee, embellished, pointed toe, round toe and a lot more!


These boots are by far my favorite ones; not only because they are comfortable but also the 2 tones; black and brown – lets me match it with any type of clothing… I also love to wear black, it goes well for a casual or elegant look; In this occasion I chose a plane black weave pattern dress, a nice neckless and of course my favorite boots!


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I come from literally the middle of the world, born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. I’m a woman who carries with her a suitcase full of dreams, ideas and lots of faith. A lover of life, of new experiences and the variety that this world has to bring. I consider myself a Social Communicator, not just as a career path but also for my passion to deliver a message and leave a footprint. When I am not being a “reporter”, I entertain myself with the world of fashion, looking at the latest trends, doing photo shoots and finding beauty tips in every angle of the spectrum. I enjoy a great beer, a good game of soccer (fútbol), and chocolate is my weakness! I could spend all day in my pajamas and in bed, but like the majority of women out there I also have a closet full of “nothing to wear”. I’m going to dust off some of these “ol things” hanging in my closet to show you who I am and where I’m headed…


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