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Orbit Flying Eye Hospital Treats Luis Miguel Sanchez, age 6 in Trujillo, Peru

Print: Omega Helps Orbis Treat Blindness in Peru

Orbit Flying Eye Hospital Treats Luis Miguel Sanchez, age 6 in Trujillo, Peru

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Treats Luis Miguel Sanchez, age 6 in Trujillo, Peru


On my recent flight to LA from NY I read the most inspiring and wonderful article on July’s issue of Marie Claire. Yes, magazines still exist and although I am in this fast world of news online, I can’t seem to cancel my magazine subscriptions even if they pile up until my next flight. Call me old school or a magazine hoarder, as my husband and family call me, but to me there’s something special about opening up a book or browsing through a magazine…

The story went like this, since 2012 Omega the Swiss Watchmaker has donated a percentage of proceeds from its Constellation Star and De Ville Hour Vision Blue watches to Orbis for their bold vision to fight blindness. Last fall Omega’s brand ambassador Cindy Crawford traveled with Orbis the world’s only flying eye hospital to Trujillo, Peru. Their mission was to train and help those in need.

orbis flying hospital

Currently there is over 45 million blind people in the world, 80% of cases can be treated or prevented. 90% of those people live in low-income countries without the resources to get the treatment needed. But then superhero Orbis comes flying to the rescue to help low-income communities to treat patients in need and also train people on how to perform the procedures.

Orbis’ visit to Trujillo, Peru will be the set for their second Documentary Hospital In The Sky featuring Cindy Crawford.

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Cindy Crawford - Orbis

Cindy Crawford – Orbis




#LOVEWINS in the USA – Same-Sex Marriage now legal!

obama marriage equality


This morning the Supreme Court ruled that discriminatory, anti-gay marriage bans across the country violated the Constitution, and struck them down. – Organizing for Action


Today, June 26, 2015 is a very important day for the history of the United States. Today the new law of the land will allow any person, in any state, to marry a person of their same sex and still receive the same rights as traditional man and woman unions.

This is one more victory for people who believe in equal right for all, no matter race, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation. #LoveWins, always.

This it what President Barack Obama had to say on twitter:

Ricky Martin tweeted:

Jennifer Lopez shared this image:

Chyna, who is recently back in US and in the headlines tweeted:


Lastly, watch this tearjerker video released by Youtube:

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Cinco de Mayo Is Not Mexican Independence Day


The celebrations that have come to be accepted as “Cinco de Mayo” have become one of the largest holidays in Mexico and Hispanics in the United States. However many confuse this as Mexico‘s Independence Day which is actually on May 16th. What is the event that happened on this day that makes Mexico beam with pride and why did the United States smile quietly as a result?

In 1862 the French were rulers in Mexico while the United States were engaged in their own civil war. The French had occupied Mexico after the United States defeated them in the Mexican War. After a civil war nearly drained the finances of the country, the result was Mexican President Benito Juárez suspended foreign debt payments which brought France, Britain, and Spain to demand the opposite. Napeoleon III was the only one who stayed and attempted to establish an empire for France.


They drove the Mexican government into hiding and had 6,000 troops poised to strike a smaller force at Puebla on May 5th. The tiny Mexican army inflicted a major surprise defeat on the French army and was the catalyst to the eventual winning of Independence in 1867.

“Although not a major strategic win in the overall war against the French, Zaragoza’s success at Puebla represented a great symbolic victory for the Mexican government and bolstered the resistance movement.”

As quoted from The History Channel program on the war.

The United States, who were to be kept busy until 1865 were aware of rumors of a French invasion from Mexico and England from the north when they were worn down enough. But Mexico resistance helped delay that possibility and as soon as the American Civil War ended, the U.S. sent troops to the border. Donald W. Miles explained:

“At the time, there were fears in the United States that the French would use Mexico as a base to back the Confederacy, so President Lincoln and his Secretary of State went out of their way to appear ‘neutral’ in the Mexican situation.

So, the battle of Puebla on May 5th, a David over Goliath victory, which bought time for a still very young U.S. Republic in their own disarray, is the reason for celebration in these two countries, often protagonists but friendly when necessary.


Chile Volcano Not Finished Yet


The Chilean volcano, Calbuco, unloaded 42 years of inactivity two days ago and its still not done according to the National Geology and Mining Service(Sernageomin). They have discovered a combination of lava and water flowing on the Rio Correntoso side of the volcano which threatens its overflow.

“It cannot be disregarded that in the coming hours we could have a new eruption, probably not at the same energy level as those we’ve had, but we maintain a red alert in a complex situation,”

said the Director of Sernageomin Rodrigo Alvarez.

Evacuation has been the word as over 6,000 people in total have been forced to flee or evacuate from neighboring regions. Ash has extended itself over the skies of southwestern Argentina and Uruguay this morning suspending flights.

President Michelle Bachelet and other cabinet members have personally viewed the region to determine their next moves. They have followed the experts in the region through the evacuation orders to avoid any deaths due to the height of its explosion.

“In this situation, with the eruption column so high, the main risk is that it collapses, falls due to gravity because of its own weight and causes a pyroclastic flow,”

said vulcanologist Gabriel Orozco, of Chile’s geological and mining services explained on television.

For now its a case of run for cover and hope for the best as Chile attempts to ride out follow up activity that is unpredictable not in what may follow but in the locations that may affected next and its duration.




The latest segregated group to fight in a U.S. conflict consisting of Puerto Ricans who fought in World War One and Two plus Korea are wondering where the hardware promised them is coming.

The unit, which collected ten Distinquished Service Crosses, along with 250 Silver Stars, over 600 Bronze, and almost 3,000 Purple Hearts, are fast becoming a thing of the past with less than 70 members still alive.

President Obama, who was to end the many years of waiting for recognition, by signing into law last June the approval of Congressional Medals of Honor has not followed through. The medals have yet to be printed and engraved, something that does not sit well with Dennis Freytes, also a war veteran and son of one the Borinqueneers.

“We want this to be fast tracked.” Freytes explained, “We want the most Borinqueneers to be available for the honor.”

When Sen. Marcos Rubio of Florida complained via letter to Obama this week, the issue gained more notice with four veterans in his district having died since the Obama signing.

“The Borinqueneers fought hard for our nation and, given their age, many will never see the Congressional Medal of Honor.”

Rubio wrote.

It seems a simple request. One has to take into account that the only visable honor stands in their home island where a bust with their names stands. The infamous black Tuskegee Airman and Navajo Code Talkers have long received the award that Obama referred to as the award that,

“Honors military heroes from our history.”

The highest civilian award remains uncompleted and that appears to be more than an oversight.

Dominican Festival

Dominican Film Festival

Dominican Festival
For the third year the Dominican Film Festival in New York will open its doors on June 18th-22nd 2014. Opening night will begin with the premiere of AL SUR de la INOCENCIA, other features including JOURNEY of a FEMALE COMIC: Kiki Melendez, and closing with MALA MALA / The Doll House. An exciting time for Latinos in film! For more info and ticket purchase visit:



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MALA MALA / The Doll House

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World Cup Brazil Is Days Away

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AdWeek Titled this commercial as “Year’s Most Electrifying World Cup Spot” Read the full article click here

Fútbol is considered in Latin America as its biggest world event. The FIFA World Cup is taking place this June until the middle of July in the colorful and stunning country of Brazil. We’re convinced Fútbol fans are the most passionate fans there are, from going to every game and screaming their lungs out, to some even naming their kids after their favorite team. Fútbol passionistas live and breathe Fútbol and if your team made this year’s World Cup you are as excited as we are.

To celebrate and spread World Cup vibes, check out this electrifying commercial lead by Mario Sepulveda a death survivor which will be in Brazil along other miners to cheer the team on! This is a must watch, “Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le Viva Chile!!”

“Spain is tough? Netherlands is tough?” he shouts. “We don’t fear the Group of Death. We don’t care about death. We defeated death before!” – Mario Sepulveda

Schedule World Cup

To buy your official Fútbol gear visit

Use code SHIP603 for Free Shipping from June 3rd to June 8th.


Cesar Chavez

‘Cesar Chavez’ Now In Theaters

Cesar Chavez

In Cesar Chavez, director Diego Luna presents a powerful cinematic portrait of the legendary activist. Starring Michael Peña in the title role, along with America Ferrera , Rosario Dawson  and John Malkovich. Chronicling the birth of a modern American movement, Cesar Chavez tells the story of the famed civil rights leader and labor organizer torn between his duties as a husband and father and his commitment to securing a living wage for farm workers.

Passionate but soft-spoken, Chavez embraced non-violence as he battled greed and prejudice in his struggle to bring dignity to people. Chavez inspired millions of Americans from all walks of life who never worked on a farm to fight for social justice. His triumphant journey is a remarkable testament to the power of one individual’s ability to change the world.


For more on the movie visit:

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Jimmy Kimmel Shows Latino Community Some Love

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Last night Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo was on Noches con Platanito as well as on his live gig The Jimmy Kimmel show. Kimmel started his show as usual with some stand up and then went on to talking about how Guillermo embarrassed him on national spanish television, Estrella Network. While Guillermo denied he did, Jimmy Kimmel went on showing footage of the show where he got pinned with the tail in a game of pin the tale on the donkey.

It is of great pleasure to share with you this rare moment, money can’t buy. Gracias to The Jimmy Kimmel show for showcasing the work of Noches Con Platanito and showing the Latino community some love. We just hope they don’t fire Guillermo! We love you Jimmy! and Latin Hollywood Films joined forces to make this happen.

Guillermo JImmy Kimmel