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junior merino - the liquid chef

Inspiring Latinos: Junior Merino – The Liquid Chef

Junior Merino is an internationally known Master Mixologist and beverage entrepreneur. He is founder of The Liquid Chef, Inc. and has made a career from experimenting with cocktails. He has won many awards, worked with well-known celebrities and is featured in food and wine publications, achieving worldwide success. Junior Merino was one of the first Latino pioneers in the Mixology Movement; being Mexican is a huge part of his inspiration and what defines him as a respected Mixologist. Junior specializes in making exotic drinks that tell a story of his background and the places he has traveled. He stresses importance in using the freshest and healthiest ingredients in his creations.

In our exclusive interview we spoke with Junior at Rayuela, a one of a kind freestyle Latino cuisine restaurant in NYC, and asked him about his company and his prospects for the future. Watch the interview!

Here we leave you with one of his famous cocktail recipes:

The Liquid Chef Recipe - Coming Up Roses

Coming Up Roses
3/6 Lime
3 Rose Petals
½ oz The Liquid Chef Rose Syrup
2 oz Bacardi Razz
2 oz Moet & Chandon Champagne Brut
Muddle the first three ingredients then, add Bacardi Razz, ice shake and add Champagne and pour into a highball glass.

For updates from The Liquid Chef and exciting new recipes visit:


We had the pleasure of going inside the mind of a master mixologist. He is one of the many Latinos making their way into the mainstream market and getting recognition world-wide. At we find Junior’s story inspiring and hope it will be an example to many that have a dream and are working hard every day to make it happen! Do you know a Latino with an inspiring story? If so, email us and tell us their story.

Rolling stone article

Outernational on Rolling Stone!

Here is a milestone for the talented indie band Outernational, their latest video “Todos Somos Illegales” which features appearances from Residente Calle 13, Tom Morello and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has been buzzing in the media and it’s now in Rolling Stone.

To be on Rolling Stone Magazine is a big deal and not very surprising to us, since we think the band has a great future. Talented musicians that give it their all on stage and sing with a cause, can’t beat that!

Check out the full article and spread the word:
Todos Somos Ilegales / We Are All Illegals (feat. Residente Calle 13, Tom Morello & Chad Smith) - Single - Outernational

Don’t forget to also check out our interview with los chicos from this year’s Pachanga Fest:


Exclusive Interview: Outernational at Pachanga Fest

The New York based band Outernational has been touring the US for months on their Todos Somos Illegales tour and tonight they will be performing the tour finale at Dominion in their hometown of New York. We would describe their sound as being unique in that it combines many different styles, with lyrics about a social movement, human rights, and immigration, an issue that is on the mouths of many politicians and people in general.

The band’s Todos Somos Ilegales: We Are All Illegals album wants to make a call to action through music. If you are down for some good Rock and Roll music make sure you don’t miss them in NYC tonight Check out the details click here.

Outernational has already collaborated with some Rock legends like Tom Morello – Rage Against The MachineChad Smith – Red Hot Chili Peppers and Latin artist Rene – Calle 13 among others. There are some surprises to be expected tonight, with guest performance by Chad Smith.

We caught up with the guys at this year’s Pachanga Festival in Austin. Check out what they had to say in this Exclusive Interview:


Chino y Nacho Interview Dallas

Exclusive Video: Chino y Nacho Interview

[youtube url=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″]

The Venezuelan duo Chino y Nacho made euphoric fans dance and scream in Dallas, TX as part of their Tour Supremo. The crowd was full of adoring fans from many countries especially from Venezuela. We noticed there was many kids in the crowd as well, Chino y Nacho‘s music is most definitely for the young and old. The set list was a mix of hits from their three studio albums. Highlights of the concert was seeing the interaction between the duo and fans while they performed their dance routines which included some pelvic thrusts that had the ladies going wild. It was also fun to see some kids on top of a speaker singing their songs word for word. In between songs Nacho would disappear to check on his adorable baby boy who was watching patiently on the side of the stage.

Chino y Nacho have been pioneers in bringing a blend of Urban, Tropical, and Pop mix to the music scene and their Tour Supremo is headed to more cities in the U.S. and Europe in the coming months.

In our interview they talk about how it felt to perform in Dallas, their success in the music business and new projects to come. You also get to see some exclusive concert footage, check it out!

Supremo - Chino & Nacho
Photos: May 19th- House of Blues

Here is a preview of what they might have in store for their new album:
[youtube url=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″]


Sie7e Makes People En Español’s Most Beautiful List!

Finally Puerto Rican singer Sie7e makes People en Español’s “50 Mas Bellos”, we are so happy to see the many achievements of this humble and hard working man! Great Job Sie7e!

A few other LatinRecap Favs to make the list are- Adamaris Lopez, Genesis Rodriquez, Ricky Martin, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez and many more check out the full list here: People En Español

Also see our Interview with Sie7e below:
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Gustavo Galindo - State Farm

Exclusive Video: Gustavo Galindo for State Farm Latino

[youtube url=”″ frameborder=”0″ width=”600″ height=”390″>

For the “Sounds of Mi Vecindario” campaign, State Farm is going to predominantly Hispanic High Schools and bringing their “Celebrity Music Teacher for a Day” program. This is second year in a row the campaign has recruited singer-songwriter, Gustavo Galindo. He is serving as the program’s spokesman along with State Farm agents. The first run of the program was on April 4th and we had the pleasure of attending DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx for Gustavo’s presentation and Acoustic performance. “Celebrity Music Teacher for a Day” focuses on helping young high School kids through a medium they love, Music. The purpose of the talks is to promote teen driver safety. Galindo and State Farm will also visit schools in Dallas, Miami, Chicago, and San Francisco. We think it’s great when companies and artists find time to show their support and give back to their communities.

Check out Part Two of the Interview:

Pictures of Gustavo at DeWitt Clinton High School:

Franco De Vita in New York

Exclusive Video: Franco De Vita in NYC

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We had a chance to talk with Franco De Vita during his stay here in New York, days after his successful March 24th Radio City Music Hall Performance. His most recent album En Primera Fila was released in 2011 and features collaborations by performers like Leonel García, Alejandra Guzmán, Debi Nova, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and Noel Schajris, among others. En Primera Fila is a compilation of 16 of his greatest hits. The album’s first single “Tan Sólo Tú” performed with Alejandra Guzmán has reached top 20 on Billboard’s Top Latin Songs.

In our interview Franco talks about his experience performing at Radio City Music Hall and about a second part to En Primera Fila, where he will include more of his hits that didn’t make it on this album. He also goes on to say that he would love to have Shakira collaborate with him on a song. That’s something we would all like to see!

Which song do you think would be best for Franco and Shakira’s duet? Leave your comment below!

Photos of Franco at Radio City and from our interview:

Rodriguez, Scholarship

Inspirational Story – Latina wins $20,000 Scholarship

We are pleased to bring you this success story about a girl that choose not to be just another statistic. A true inspiration!

Dominique Rodriguez didn’t know how she was going to afford college. The high school senior had lived in a homeless shelter with her mother and older sister. Her father was largely absent because he was in and out of jail. She considered herself just another statistic – poor, female and Hispanic – living in the Bronx.

But there was one outlet.

“Going to school and not having to be in the shelter was my only escape,” said Rodriguez, 18. “To this day, I feel like getting a great education will be my escape to living in the Bronx or struggling financially.”

Rodriguez is one of 104 Horatio Alger National Scholars who received a $20,000 scholarship towards college. Applicants had to write essays about overcoming adversity. Dominique hopes to use it for Syracuse University or Barnard College.

By Corinne Lestch/ Daily News
Read the full article here

If you are student and need help visit:

About the Horatio Alger Association – The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. bears the name of the renowned author Horatio Alger, Jr., whose tales of overcoming adversity through unyielding perseverance and basic moral principles captivated the public in the late 19th century. The Association, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit educational organization, was established in 1947 to dispel the mounting belief among the nation’s youth that the American Dream was no longer attainable.

Will-Ferrell-Casa-De-Mi-Padre LR

Exclusive: Will Ferrell and the cast of Casa de mi Padre

Who’s your favorite Mexican actor? You might say Will Ferrell. That’s right, the comedic actor tackles what he calls a ‘Mexican Spaghetti Western’ in his next project Casa de mi Padre. And he enlists none other than the very popular Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, and newcomer Genesis Rodriguez.

We sat with the stars in New York where we discovered that Mr. Ferrell had, for no reason in particular, always thought it would be ‘fun’ to do a film ‘like’ a Telenovela; Mr. Gael Garcia Bernal enjoyed the freedom of improvisation; and Ms. Rodriguez ‘taught’ Mr. Ferrell the ever-so famous ‘dramatic pause’ of the world of soap operas. And did we mention the movie is in Spanish? Yes, Will Ferrell performs in our native tongue…and does a pretty good job. We had a chance to speak to the cast as well as Director, Matt Piedmont, and Writer Andrew Steele. Check it out.


Jotdog Interview

Exclusive Interview: JotDog

In this interview Danny Luna speaks to María Barracuda and Jorge “Chiquis” Amaro of the Mexican Pop band JotDog (Pronounced Hot-Dog). The band JotDog has been around since 2009, producing 2 studio albums and receiving nominations for ‘Best New Artist’ at award shows like Premios MTV Latinoamérica and the Latin Grammy Awards.

The band will be performing at SXSW this year! We’re so excited the festival is bringing so many great acts from around the world and especially Latin America.

Listen to the Interview:
[youtube url=”” frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no” width=”100%” height=”166″>

Music From the band:
[youtube url=”” frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no” width=”100%” height=”450″>

Turista del Amor II - JotDog