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Photos: Luis Jimenez Network live from Carolines

Luis Jimenez, the king of morning Latin radio was back at it again at Carolines on Broadway in the heart of NYC. His hardcore fans are very loyal to him and will follow him everywhere he goes. Some fans came from as far as Boston and Pennsylvania to meet their radio Idol. The show started at midnight and we got to laugh with the cast of the Luis Jimenez show.

We also laughed with the opening comedians, Uruguayan, Aldo Marachlian, and from Hollywood’s wildly popular live Latina comedy show, The Hot Tamales, Kiki Melendez. We also got to hang out with one of our Favorite Dominican Platanoman, Ruperto Vanderpool, who also hit the stage. The show was completely sold out and the only one complaint we have is we wanted to see more of Luis’ stand-up!

For more than twenty years, Luis Jimenez has played host to the most popular and successful Spanish-speaking morning radio show in the country, keeping millions of listeners laughing with his razor sharp wit, side-splitting comedy skits and a colorful cast of supporting characters.

In September, he launched his own radio network, broadcasting his show live and uncensored through his website and new app that will be launching soon.

You can listen to it today at:

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Megaton Mundial Polito Vega-26

Photos: Megaton Mundial de Polito Vega at MSG

El Megaton Mundial de Polito Vega concluded with many highs and many lows. La Mega 97.9 may claim it was a total success on their site but for such a highly promoted event with some of the biggest headlining acts you would think people would leave happy, that was not the case on this night.

First and foremost Pitbull who was number 1 on the roster (or 2 after J. Lo?) did not show up and Jennifer Lopez was gone in the blink of an eye, according to fans who specifically went to see her. On El Jukeo, El Pacha reported that Pitbull decided not fly out of Miami despite the station’s efforts to get him to New York on time. They said Pitbull did not answer their phone calls and they also denied that artists were not paid for their performance. We don’t know if Pitbull has released a statement to fight these claims, but we’re interested in hearing what he has to say! Maybe he was still recovering from partying with Taylor Swift?

For me the biggest disappointment of the night was not that Pitbull was a no show, it was the fact that I had seat tickets but instead decided to stick around in the press room to get a close up and maybe a shout out from J. Lo. After all I was told everyone performing including her would make their way there. J. Lo, Wisin, and Tego Calderon were no where to be seen in the press room.

When I finally realized I was missing the whole show I made my way to the front of stage to catch what was left of the “historic” event. I went out to find Polito Vega sitting in his golden throne to receive a certificate of recognition from Cesar Perales, current Secretary of State. La Caballota Ivy Queen came out looking like something from another planet, and I say that in the best way possible. She looked like a creature from outer space with her silver sequined pants and scaly blue top. Her outfit all the way from her hair to her nails was just over the top, we loved it!


Next was Tego Calderon, closing off the night with some Sandungueo, fire, and a confetti filled finale. Stay tuned for our video recap to see Ivy Queen and Tego in action!!  According to our recapers in the seats La India saved the night with her tremendous voice, the audience enjoyed every moment until they cut her time short. Among others that gave a fantastic show was Jay Ruiz, Luis Enrique, Wisin, Hector Acosta ‘El Torito’, Elvis Crespo, Grupo Mania, Ivy Queen and Tego.

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Check out photos from the NY Daily News on J. Lo’s Megaton performance and her most hottest moments…

Jennifer Lopez put her famous curves on display in a plunging bodysuit as she commanded the stage during the Mega 97.9 Megaton Concert at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 28, 2015 in New York City. READ MORE AT NYDAILYNEWS.COM

Jennifer Lopez put her famous curves on display in a plunging bodysuit as she commanded the stage during the Mega 97.9 Megaton Concert at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 28, 2015 in New York City. The 46-year-old stunner wore a sparkly ensemble with fishnet tights and knee-high boots as she performed for the screaming crowd.

te para tres lexus event buscabulla-11

Photos: VidaLexus Presents ‘Té Para Tres’ Live Concert Series with Buscabulla

Té Para Tres is a documentary style TV show on Mega TV hosted by Emmy Nominated Producer Pili Montilla. The show is now in its 3rd season and aims to take you on a musical journey with some of the most interesting acts in Latin music. On Wednesday, October 21 we were present at the Classic Car Club in NYC to enjoy an exclusive look of what will be in store for the newest season.

Season 3 of Té Para Tres premiers tonight at 6pmPST/9pmEST on MegaTV and will feature NY based Experimental Electro-pop band Buscabulla. Don’t miss it!


Check out photos from Té Para Tres Live Concert Series featuring Buscabulla.

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Hispanic day parade ny 2015-21

Photos: Hispanic Day Parade Marches Up Fifth Avenue

Hispanic Heritage Month ended with a bang at NY’s annual Hispanic Day Parade on Sunday, October 11th. 20 Latin American countries and Spain displayed the best of what their countries offer. The yearly celebration is now in its 51st year and brings upwards of 800,000 people to the streets of Manhattan.

Every year The NY Daily News awards the cultural appreciation award to the country with the best song, dance, and dress. This year the lucky country to win was Panama with their colorful polleras, dangling ornaments, and exotic head decorations.

Sarandango, a Peruvian roots quartet led by singer Carlos Yamasaki performed on the Daily News Float.

“What makes Sarandango different is that I wanted to create a band that didn’t sound like the music of my mother, nor the criollo music that other people are making these days,” says Yamasaki, 29, who has been accompanying a who’s who of Latin music act for years – including his mother, legendary singer Eva Ayllon.

“I brought some old music back, to play it in my own style,” he adds, in reference to a range of influences that include rock, jazz, timba and salsa.


Photos by Ozmary Saldarriaga
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michelle bachlet-8

Photos: President Michelle Bachelet Visits Chilean Artists in NYC

President of Chile Michelle Bachelet was united with 50 Chilean Artists at the Instituto Cervantes in New York City to open a dialogue about what can be done to help in their efforts to promote Chilean Art and Culture abroad. The artists came from all areas including Visual Arts, Film, Dance, Design, Photography, Management and Production, Literature, Music, Theatre and Drama.

Among the the creative entrepreneurs was Court Square Productions a Broadcasting & Media Production company which specializes in audiovisual productions in Long Island City.

Photos by Morena Pérez Joachin

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Marc Anthony Carlos Vives concert

Photos: Carlos Vives and Marc Anthony Unite D.C. With ‘Unido2 Tour’

Carlos Vives and Marc Anthony are ending Hispanic Heritage Month with the energy, rhythm, and sounds that only two super stars like them can bring to the DC area!

Carlos Vives opened the show with the beautiful sounds and rhythm of his beautiful Colombian country. Featuring key instruments like the native kuisi flute and of course the one that steals the show every time, the accordion. His energy, his unique sound kept everyone dancing from beginning to end. His charisma shows through as he dances, as he greets his fans, even allowing a young girl to come on stage for one of the biggest endearing hugs any artist has given.

As if there had not been enough dancing and singing, Marc Anthony lit up the stage and blew everyone away with his performance. The power behind his voice is phenomenal, and he showed everyone that if there is anything better than “Marc Anthony” on stage, it’s a “Marc Anthony and Carlos Vives” show! The two made their presence felt as they sang, danced and laughed together on stage before Anthony ended the night with a powerful encore. If you are a fan of life, you would have loved this one!

Photos by Willie C.

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ladrones premiere ny-7

Photos: ‘Ladrones’ Premiere in NYC

The premiere of Ladrones, took place on October 5th at the AMC 25 Theater in the NYC Times Square area. Actress Evelyna Rodriguez, actor Frank Perozo, the film producer Alfonso Rodriguez and several more VIPs who made the film possible were at the red carpet to show support for the film.

Ladrones was shot entirely in Dominican Republic and features a cast like Fernando Colunga, Eduardo Yañez, Miguel Varoni, Oscar Torre, Vadhir Derbez, Nashla Bogaert and many more. The film will premiere in cinemas on October 15th.

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Watch the trailer below!

J Balvin toyota latino-18

J Balvin and Becky G at Best Buy Theater

The Best Buy Theater in Times Square was the perfect stage for this La Familia Tour with Colombian Superstar J Balvin and young Latina sensation Becky G. No rain could stop these fans from coming out to see these two great talents. The evening started with a performance by Becky G which delighted her young fans who sang her songs out loud.

Then the parcero hit the stage with his smash hit “Ginza” and then the party got a little more R rated. With Colombian flags waving and cell phones that could illuminate the whole stage, J Balvin delighted his fans with his hot (and sweaty) performance. The show had a few rock song covers which was a surprise since Reggaeton is so far from rock, but it was a pleasant surprise! J Balvin also did a rap in which he sent a special message to Donald Trump. When J Balvin says “Los Latinos Se Respetan” the crowd goes wild. Check out the video below!

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The concert was sponsored by @ToyotaLatino and in the venue you could see posters and cute photo setups which gave the fans a chance to get really close to the artist they came to see! Or at least it seemed that way in the photos! Here is Nikki hanging with J Balvin…

Mexican Parade ny 2015-1jpg

Mexican Day Parade on Madison Avenue

Crowds of all ages gathered to wave their red, white, and green flags while screaming “Viva Mexico!” at the city’s 19th annual Mexican Day Parade. The parade was held on Madison Avenue from 38th to 27th Street on Sunday, September 20th. This year’s parade celebrated Mexican independence and the 205th anniversary of the day catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo helped Mexico on its path to independence by giving his famous speech, “The Cry of Dolores”.

It is estimated that 8,000 spectators were present on this Sunday afternoon in New York City. According to Census stats, Mexicans are the fastest growing Ethnic group in the U.S. and represent upwards of approximately 500,000 residents in New York City alone. They also constitute the third largest Hispanic/Latino group in New York.

Mexican (Demographics of New York City)
At the 2010 Census, there were 319,263 Mexican Americans living in New York City.In 2009, it was estimated that of the city’s Hispanic population, 13.5% was of Mexican origin. Mexicans are the fastest growing group of Hispanic population. Some estimates suggest that Mexicans will surpass both Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in 2023 to become the city’s largest national Latino sub-group. As of 2011, the Mexican Consulate estimated about 500,000 Mexicans lived in New York City, of whom 35,000 spoke a Mexican indigenous language. –

The NY Daily News Float led the way, being the first in line to display their appreciation for New York’s Mexican community. Actors Arath de la Torre and Maite Perroni were also at the scene promoting ‘Antes Muerta Que Lichita’, Univision’s new telenovela. Like in the picture above, we saw many families together enjoying the sights. Children of all ages anticipated what was coming down the famous Avenue, just for them.

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jay ruiz launch party-3

Jay Ruiz Record Release Party at 809 Lounge

Last month Jay Ruiz had his record release party at 809 Lounge in the heart of Washington Heights. The cozy nightclub was filled with media and press as Jay Ruiz performed some of his hits which have already climbed up to Billboard’s top 100.

Tropical Songs
No. 1 (1 week) “Tracion” Yanforud
Debut No. 25 “Si Pudiera” Zacarias Ferreira
Debut No. 31 “Dime Tu” Jay Ruiz
Debut No. 35 “Piensas (Dile La Verdad)”Pitbull Featuring Gente de Zona
Debut/Greatest Gainer No. 37 “Noche Bohemia” Jerry Rivera Featuring Anthony Santos
Debut No. 39 “Juntos (Together)” Juanes

Jay Ruiz, el Bachatero Boricua is currently on a successful tour in Ecuador and Colombia. Check out his Instagram for videos and photos of his trip! This is how Ecuador welcomed him…

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