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How to Make Your Own Holiday Wreath

Coffee Filter Wreath
There are so many easy ways to decorate on a budget this holiday season. Here is one idea we loved on “Make Your Own Holiday Wreaths” by Lowe’s.

Be creative and add your own personal touch into your wreath design. There’s no limit to what you can do with this fun and inexpensive project, all materials will run you about $10.

Make a wreath from artfully arranged coffee filters. Fold filters in quarters and hot-glue in layers to a locking band. Fluff out the filters. Finish the wreath by adding a poinsettia made from wallpaper and cedar balls.

Step 1: Separate coffee filters and lay them out flat. Now fold each filter in half, then in half again (so they’re folded in quarters).

Step 2: Hot-glue a layer of filters to the outside of the locking band, separating each filter by about half an inch and fluffing them out as necessary.

Step 3: Glue a second layer of filters along the top of the band.

Step 4: Glue a third layer along the inside of the band, leaving just a little space free of filters to make hanging easier. We used the entire box of 100 filters by the time we were finished.

Optional: We adorned the wreath with a poinsettia made from wallpaper and cedar balls. First, cut out leaf shapes from the wallpaper (or scrap paper) and glue together in a poinsettia-like arrangement. Then spray-paint three cedar balls green (we used Rust-Oleum Gloss Fern) and glue them to the middle of the arrangement. Finally, glue the poinsettia to the wreath, hang with a ribbon, and enjoy!

Bet you didn’t think coffee filters could ever look this beautiful!

For more Creative ideas visit Lowe’s Creative Ideas or Ideas Creativas in spanish.

Check out the video for more detailed instructions:
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Gina Intveen - El Ultimo, te lo juro

Gina Intveen – El Ultimo, te lo juro

Gina Intveen - El Ultimo, te lo juro

“The last one, I promise.” is a sentence that comes out of many mouths. But, to GINA INTVEEN it is simply just one of her many creations. El Ultimo, te lo juro is a painting fabricated by Intveen. She’s memorable for her use of intricate pattern; found either on her subject’s hair, body, or in the background. – El Ultimo, te lo juro tells us a story of a woman who clearly is smoking her “last” cigarette… the subject’s body exhibits composure and her gaze is elsewhere. The woman is wearing a form-fitting -dark brown- turtle neck dress that reaches to the top of her lengthy neck. Her hands are tattooed with patterns while her hair looks like stripped snakes slithering in alternate directions. Despite of its abstract features, this is one of Gina’s simpler forms of work.

       Want to Browse more G.I ? ….
[Gina Intveen – Facebook]  [Gina Intveen Paintings – Artelista]

GINA INTVEEN- Artista Plástica (Chilena) holds a degree in Plastic Arts while specializing in etching from La Universidad de Concepción, Chile. Her works have traveled far from her homeland Talcahuano to Central America, Germany, Asia, Miami & New york. She is currently a professor teaching – Artes Plásticas en la Universidad del Desarrollo y de Medios de Expresión en las carreras de Arquitectura y Diseño en la Universidad de San Sebastián, Concepción, Chile.

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turkey dinner

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! We have many blessings to be thankful for and want to share them with all of you. We first want to give thanks for you, yes you, that somehow someway made it to our site to see our posts and enjoy what we write about. We are working everyday with the resources we have to make it better everyday. We also want to thank our staff and our families which have been totally supportive in this venture and we hope you all get to spend this holiday with your loved ones.

If you haven’t marinated or put your turkey in the oven already, consider looking at this Latin themed turkey recipe from Latina Magazine – Pavochon Recipe to give you some ideas.

For those going to try to save some money and snag the Black Friday deals make sure you check out their specials online and know exactly what you are going to buy so you don’t waste any time. Many stores are having specific times for different sales on items like toys, electronics, clothing. Being prepared will save you time and get you the best deal you’re looking for. Check out CNBC’s website for black friday tips, advice on which stores have the best deals, and useful links.

Thanksgiving is the most important holiday where we observe traditional American customs when it comes to the food we serve. We make the turkey, the cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin pie, and sometimes we make them with a twist! For some more ideas on Latino inspired Thanksgiving recipes click here.

Sofia Vergara - Emmy Dress

Sofia Vergara our Latina Mermaid

Sofia Vergara - Emmy Dress

She’s always a sight to see.

Sofia Vergara is all sequined hotness at the 64th Primetime Emmy awards in this very glittery Zuhair Murad gown paired with some serious Neil Lane bling. It’s like the Little Mermaid underwent a LATINA makeover and is now vamping her way down the red carpet. Even with an engagement ring, something tells us Sofia will have no shortage of suitors competing for her attention tonight.

Enjoy the pictures of Sofia Vergara at the 2012 EMMY Awards:

Ricky Martin & Jlo

J.Lo visits Ricky as he plays Che

Great Boricua love on Broadway, J.Lo takes time out of her busy schedule to catch up with Ricky Martin as he plays el Che Guevara in Broadway’s Evita. We love to see Latinos showing support for each other! Keep up the good work guys!

J.Lo’s Response to Ricky Martin’s Tweet:

So proud of you! #LOVE ” @ricky_martin: So cool you came by the show Jenn! Mucho cariño! #Evita! #OrgulloBoricua. @JLo

If you haven’t seen Evita yet, don’t miss this one in a life time experience to see great performances by Ricky Martin and Elena Roger.

In other Evita related news, the Consulate General of Argentina in New York is hosting “Evita Passion and Action,” a month-long exhibition of works from the Evita Museum in Buenos Aires. The exhibition will include some 50 pieces of works, paintings, photographs, and clothing that will be on display now through September 28. This show Commemorates the 60th anniversary of the death of Eva Perón and the 10th anniversary of the founding of Museo Evita in Buenos Aires. This event is free to the public.

For more information visit:  General Consulate of Argentina NY

See Ricky Martin talk about his role as Che:

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junior merino - the liquid chef

Inspiring Latinos: Junior Merino – The Liquid Chef

Junior Merino is an internationally known Master Mixologist and beverage entrepreneur. He is founder of The Liquid Chef, Inc. and has made a career from experimenting with cocktails. He has won many awards, worked with well-known celebrities and is featured in food and wine publications, achieving worldwide success. Junior Merino was one of the first Latino pioneers in the Mixology Movement; being Mexican is a huge part of his inspiration and what defines him as a respected Mixologist. Junior specializes in making exotic drinks that tell a story of his background and the places he has traveled. He stresses importance in using the freshest and healthiest ingredients in his creations.

In our exclusive interview we spoke with Junior at Rayuela, a one of a kind freestyle Latino cuisine restaurant in NYC, and asked him about his company and his prospects for the future. Watch the interview!

Here we leave you with one of his famous cocktail recipes:

The Liquid Chef Recipe - Coming Up Roses

Coming Up Roses
3/6 Lime
3 Rose Petals
½ oz The Liquid Chef Rose Syrup
2 oz Bacardi Razz
2 oz Moet & Chandon Champagne Brut
Muddle the first three ingredients then, add Bacardi Razz, ice shake and add Champagne and pour into a highball glass.

For updates from The Liquid Chef and exciting new recipes visit:


We had the pleasure of going inside the mind of a master mixologist. He is one of the many Latinos making their way into the mainstream market and getting recognition world-wide. At we find Junior’s story inspiring and hope it will be an example to many that have a dream and are working hard every day to make it happen! Do you know a Latino with an inspiring story? If so, email us and tell us their story.

Jose Cuervo Mural Project

The Tradicional Mural Project: A Jose Cuervo Contest

Jose Cuervo Mural Project

On Tuesday August 7th the Tradicional Mural Project took place in Soho as an initiative by Jose Cuervo to support the arts and Latin culture. This contest promotes typical Mexican murals inside US communities. The project shows how the artists and the communities are inspired by the Hispanic heritage, and how the art in America has a definitive influence on their vision. It’s a celebration of the past to inspire a better future.

Artists from all over the nation are invited to submit their Murals, and the best 10 will be showing their work until March 2013, when a selected jury will decide the winner. The prize is $15,000 for the winner, and an additional $15,000 for a non-profit organization in the community where the artist is from.

Also involved in this project is the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC), whose been 23 years promoting Latino culture and helping new artists; as well as actor and director Clifton Collins Jr.

Clifton, who also comes from a Latino background and grew up very close to the murals and the arts of the streets was very proud of being part of the project: “It´s very important to be able to say things that you want to say, and for this you need somebody believing in you”. After the presentation, Latin Recap had the opportunity to talk with Clifton and with Rosalba Rolon, director of theater and also part of NALAC. Both agreed in the importance of the latino artists in the US panorama, but they emphasized in the risk of being considered latino on top of being an artist: “Sometimes the fact of being a latino artist can overlap the own voice that the artist himself has as a person; it´s dangerous to build on the latino cliché your career like artist, because it involves validation versus another culture and it changes the way that people look at you. There is a risk that in the end you believe that a big part of you is just being Latino, when the really important thing is to have your own voice.”

Submissions are open until August 31st. For more information go to:

Women of Smoke

Women Of Smoke: A Return To The Roots

Women of Smoke

A whore. A saint. A runaway mother. In a family of women bent on destroying themselves, can Isabel’s mother save her from the dangers of a West Texas border town? Join Isabel as she discovers the ghosts in her family’s closet.

This is the story that Playwriter and Actress Brandi Bravo and Director Jennifer M. Ortega present at the world premiere in the 2012 New York International Fringe Festival.

Women of Smoke talks about identity. In Brandi’s words “it’s about growing up, it’s about choosing who you are, it’s about taking in the life lessons learned from Abuelita when she taught you how to play poker, and from your Tia when she taught you to hike up your skirt so the boys would look”.

Brandi, as well as a lot of people on her crew, come from Latino families. She’s the third generation of Latinos living in the US, and this fact has a definitive influence in her play:

“I’ve become hugely obsessed with ancient memory and this idea that we all carry within us a cultural memory. With every generation it seems we step further and further from our roots, and yet those roots are embedded in each of us.  I was moved to write it for the women I grew up with, for the generation of girls (myself, my sister and my cousins) who come after those women, and to explore a complicated issue: what it means to claim your own identity as a Latina”.

You can see this play from August 11th to August 23rd at:

Jimmy’s No. 43, FringeNYC Venue #4 (43 E. 7th Street)

Showtimes: SAT 11 @ 7:15 pm / SUN 12 @ 3 pm / WED 15 @ 9 pm / FRI 17 @ 9 pm / SUN 19 @ NOON / THU 23 @ 5 pm

On saturday the 11th, we´ll be there to tell you how is it goes.

For more information and to buy tickets go to:

Ana De la Reguera

Ana De La Reguera Takes Over Shopping

Ana de la Reguera is one of our favorite Latina actresses, she has not only triumphed in Spanish novelas but has also crossed over into english mainstream cinema, with her role as a nun in Nacho Libre and as Vida, a hot Mexican singer, in Eastbound & Down.

This time she has her eye in shopping, yes Shopping! In this commercial shot for department store, Liverpool, Ana plays the ships captain as she raids the Gran Barata sale with a bunch of her hot fellow pirates! The commercial is very funny, we must say Penelope watch out there’s a new pirate on the loose and she plays it pretty damn well!

See Ana de la Reguera as a Pirate:
[youtube url=”” frameborder=”0″ width=”600″ height=”400″>

Dayana Mendoza - Beauty Secrets

Look like a Beauty Queen! Dayana Shares her Secrets

The gorgeous Latina Dayana Mendoza lets you in on her beauty regime, with small beauty tips that helped her win Miss Venezuela and the Miss Universe crown back in 2008. Her secrets are truly amazing, a must watch video! Thanks, Mun2.

This year Dayana has become an even more familiar face with her participation on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. In March we told you how she won $20,000 for a charity on episode “How Much is That Celebrity in the Window?”.

On Celebrity Apprentice Dayana used her smarts to create the best live window display of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Mendoza unfortunately finished in 6th place and was eliminated by the 12th episode, but it’s okay; she’s still beautiful and apparently very funny!