Four Fitness Trends Latinos Need To Watch Out For!

Hey there my Fitness loving Latinos! Que pasa? I am Joey Olivo and am here to show you guys the world of of fitness and let you know what is going on, new classes and events that are trending as well as tips to keep you in shape and looking good! There is no style without being sexy, so here we begin!

NYC is home to many fitness trends and you can find many of the latest newest classes and events happening all around the city. Here are a few of the latest trends you should be watching out for this year.

1. Bike Sharing in NYC

The New York CitiBike share program is a huge win for fitness and better health in NYC. This gives the opportunity to utilize a shared bike to get around town instead of always taking mass transit. This type of program exists in over 500 cities throughout the world. Everywhere from Copenhagen to Mexico City you can find these types of programs. These forward thinking cities use this program as a way to enhance mobility, alleviate automotive congestion, reduce air pollution, boost health, support local businesses, and attract more young people. Years ago, NYC began the initiatives of installing more bike lanes, now this program will bring forth a huge positive step for the environment and for the health of the people in NY! Taking a bike instead of the train will give your fitness level and fat loss a huge boost. Be on the look out!

2. Obstacle Races

If you haven’t run one of these yet then you are truly missing out! They are kind of like the Hunger Games meets the decathalon. I have trained quite a few Latinos speficially for these events and have seen them get hooked! Everything from the Tough Mudder to the Spartan Race each have their own feel and obstacles. Some races will challenge every fiber of your being and some are more for the fun and party aspect. Either way you will have a good time! The fun part is training for one and building up the anticipation, get a team together and train with your friends. It is a great goal to motivate you and keep you active. Make sure you stay on top of your team and support each other. Training is tough but finishing the race is fun and rewarding. These obstacle races are sure to keep you focused throughout the year.

3. Women lifting heavier weights

Yes, believe it or not more women getting into the weight room has been more common then ever. Many of them are starting to see the true benefit of weight training and the changes it can bring to their bodies. With various training gyms like Crossfits and more Military style training camps and obstacle races women are being shown the value of weights. With more hardcore types of workouts and circuits hitting the scene do not be taken back by seeing more women competing right along side the guys! No more pink dumbbells! Say hello to a new trend of women really looking to change their bodies by using weight training to burn fat and shape their bodies.

4. High Intensity Interval Training 

Be on the lookout for a more intense type of class that will put any old bootcamp to shame. Times are changing and people are talking. High Intensity Interval Training AKA “HIIT” used to be known exclusively by professional athletes. HIIT is a series of short super intense cardio-strength intervals with short recovery periods in between.   Over the last few years classes that have HIIT components like Tababta, MetCon, and Crossfit have been packed up because people are seeing major results without having to be in the gym for hours at a time. These classes are definitely worth checking out and you will find them coming soon to a gym near you!

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