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Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s triumphs and trials are told in new Broadway show

“On Your Feet!” currently in previews at the Marquis Theatre, details the story of the Cuban couple’s uneasy emigration to the U.S. as youngsters, the ups and downs of their marriage, their rise as the heart and soul of Latin-pop crossover band Miami Sound Machine – and Gloria’s devastating 1990 tour bus accident and miraculous comeback from a fractured spine.

All of it set, of course, to such popular tunes as the catchy, percussion-driven “Conga” that helped make them one of the most influential power couples in the music industry.

With a book by New York-bred, Oscar-winning screenwriter Alexander Dinelaris, Jr. (2014’s “Birdman”), the musical opens Nov. 5 featuring a young cast playing the Estefans, their family and friends.

How did you and Emilio decide a show based on your lives and music would be a natural for Broadway?

Emilio and I never envisioned a Broadway play about our lives. Twenty-five years ago (“Feet” co-producer) Jimmy Nederlander approached us about doing a Latin-based show for Broadway. But this was at the peak of my touring, and we knew it would entail a lot of work and a couple of years. We thought it was premature.

Then about 10 years ago we had an offer for a musical show opening in Vegas, and we started crafting what type of story to tell. But things kept getting in the way. When the producer said if we minded that he pitch this idea to the Nederlanders, they absolutely loved it.



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