Headbands for our Little Fashionistas

Glam up your girls with stylish and sweet headbands to start her on the road to fashion success! Hair accessories are here to make your life easier and now you can do it with style with this adorable and fabulously chic trend. Be ready for every season and live in a fashion show everyday with my collection of headbands for girls.


After many years of working on jewelry and clothes designs, my biggest inspiration was born, my daughter Khloè Samantha Hernandez. Khloè, in so many ways, gave me lots of ideas for my new designs.


When she was born I decided that it was time for me to start a girls collection and I began using Social Media to share her pictures and show clients how lovely they look on little girls.


Knowing my priority was to spend time with my daughter I started running my own business from home, and it’s a success. I get to do the things I love by designing the lifestyle I want and spending time with my baby girl. My daughter is the featured model for SM Collection. Check us out on Instagram!


Model: Khloè Samantha Hernandez
Headbands : SM Collection by Sarah Maureen.

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Sarah M. Mendoza is the Founder of <strong>SM Collection</strong> and SM Event Planning since 2010. A Student from The Art Institute of NYC & Parsons School of Design Whose love and Passion for Fashion, Interior Design and Modeling gave her the Background to start and accomplish her goals in Life. Born and raised in Queens but her roots are from Colombia and Ecuador, so she considers herself a PROUD LATINA. “Sarita“ as her friends call her has a BIG Passion for Fashionable living and will be sharing fashion and lifestyle news and tips here on Latin RECap.


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