Johnny Marines

Johnny Marines the man behind Romeo Santos

Johnny Marines
It’s no lie that behind every great artist there is a great team. This is the case for Johnny Marines as he is the man behind Romeo Santos’ success. Romeo Santos has had extraordinary international success with his group Aventura and as a solo artist. He has gone above and beyond, selling out various arenas, stadiums and winning various prestigious awards. Johnny Marines and Romeo are New Yorkers and no matter how hard their circumstances growing up here were, they have taken full control of their lives and have accomplish amazing things. Marines talks to the NY Daily News, VivaNY writer Ray Monnell about his foundation and his years as a NYPD sergeant.

Read the full story: click here – NY DAILY NEWS. If you missed this issue of Viva New York you can read the full issue here.

“You started seeing the junkies and how it affected their entire lives and their families. But also you see some of your friends go to jail, and you see some of them get killed. So, just seeing that made me from my early age kind of want to stay away from it.” – Johnny Marines

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