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Maxx Gallo is a pioneer. A man who is not afraid to experiment to satisfy his musical expressions and where it should go. Maxx is at his first Latin Alternative Music Conference and it’s been mutually beneficial for himself and the east coast fans as well as the man who helped usher in the 3ball era. Gallo is a busy man with several projects but he took the time to speak to us at Latin Recap about what he is doing at LAMC, 3ball, and Alternative Music. Gallo started off his career without a moniker. On the verge of his first release via tribal music on west coast radio he did not know what he would be known as yet.

“It was in 2012 and I didn’t have a name yet.” Maxx revealed, “Everybody just called me Gallo because I had a Mohawk. I decided to kind of use that and it went to El Maximo Gallo. I will be a Gallo, but a Maximo Gallo. Then we shortened it for it to be more commercial.”

The 3ball movement whose foundation was laid by 3BallMTY was something Maxx found was a perfect fit for his musical tastes. “3ball”, a Spanish word for tribal was a cultural reference to the culture of Guaracha tribal music. Add to that the “latino electronica” and a new genre was born.

“As a movement I’m trying my best to keep it going, 3BallMTY already did their part to get everybody to listen to what was going on and it captured my attention right away.” Gallo recalled, “For me personally, 3ball is very important because for once I met a genre that comes from my country 100% that mixes my influences and mixing all that knowledge with something I like which is Urban, EDM, Fives, which I was already producing. Cumbia, EDM together, that’s where 3ball pretty much comes from.”

As a early mover of the genre, the road is always full of pitfalls with many resistant to change. Maxx experienced the frustration of doors closing on him often. “They say, “Oh no, you’re not doing what everyone else is doing. I would respond “I know”. “Nobody thinks that way. A lot of people want to hear what’s already popping. It’s a bit more of a struggle but the payoff is going to be a lot better.”

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Maxx changed locales three weeks ago. He is now based in Monterrey and during this time his manager spoke to him about performing during LAMC week at Verano Alternativo, an unofficial showcase by BMI at The Bowery Electric. Gallo was not familiar with LAMC, spending most of his time on the west coast. He got himself up to speed quickly though. “I didn’t know what the LAMC was about.” Gallo admitted, “My manager said you’re going to do this event and I said cool. I started reviewing it and realized it was a bigger deal than I thought. It gets me more excited.”

For Maxx excitement means performing. This leads to dance. Something he feels and will express no matter the surroundings. This evening, even without a DJ, he performed with just a track he brought and let natural talent do the rest.” I can get very energetic especially after this vodka.” Gallo joked.” I like to dance regardless of whether the crowd is or not. I like the beats that I am doing so naturally I do my thing.”

And beats are among the things he is working on. He already has an EP El Gallote ready and is in the process of completing a variety of tasks. “My manager has me working on songwriting. He saw more potential as a whole.” Gallo shared, “I just wrote a few songs for Pee Wee who is coming back with Cumbia also. I have some stuff working with him and with Alex Hoya from Mexico as well. The EP is tribal with more straight up club bangers on it. Me, personally I already got an album set so when we are ready for the next step that’s when you’ll hear it.”

All latin artists have an opinion on Donald Trump and “El Gallote” is no different. The man who is used to being seen by surface features only said it simply. “I could rag on the guy but at the end of the day it doesn’t do anything. I presume it’s just ignorance.” Maxx responded, “He doesn’t know that there are a lot of Latinos doing good things or just won’t acknowledge it.”

Maxx Gallo has a tat on his forearm that states his philosophy, “LIVE TO THE MAX.” It’s his approach to all things in life and music and it has served him well. Max speaks about what he defines as a big breakthrough for him and the movement. “A second “Intentalo” The first was international so another jam like that not just for myself but for tribal would be very beneficial.” As Maxx Gallo continues to struggle with perceptions of race and youth, he has his eyes on the prize. “People see me as kind of young looking and I get underestimated a lot all the time but I just got a big heart. Whatever I can accomplish that’s maximum.”

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