Boycott the Oscars!

The first time I remember being disappointed at the Academy was back in 1997.  Let me refresh your memory, the best picture nominations were: The English Patient, Jerry McGuire (Yes, Jerry McGuire, sigh), Fargo, Secrets and Lies, and ShineThe English Patient won seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.  I was sure Shine was going to take it, and if you have not seen Shine with Geoffrey Rush you need to add that to your “to do” list.  I was not a professional up-and-coming amateur critic at that time, so I had not seen The English Patient.  I thought to myself, “Surely a movie that gets seven awards has got to be amazing” and so I rushed to rent it.  I erased that movie so quickly from the archives of my memory after watching it and wish I had my Blockbuster Video rental fee back to this day!  It was then that I realized that there are politics in everything, that “good” is subjective and that minorities did not win best actor awards, if they were even nominated at all (Cuba Gooding Jr. won Best Supporting Actor for Jerry MacGuire that year playing a football player).  Fast forward to almost twenty years later now, and it looks like we can’t even get nominated for a damn thing in the new millennium unless we are playing slaves, drug dealers, tyrants or thugs… what century are we in again?

Let me be the first to say that I can’t stand it when minorities overplay the race card.  Yes, there is inequality in this world and yes if you are a minority you have a tougher statistical chance at achieving the same level of success in many situations than somebody who is white in the United States.  However, the calling of a boycott of the Academy Awards for 2016 by many minority actors and directors is totally justified!  It is insulting to think that not one African American or Latino actor came close to the acting performance of some of the nominees this year.  Furthermore, have you even seen a trailer to Room, one of the best picture nominations?  I stay at the movie theaters and I don’t remember seeing when the hell this movie came out.  Don’t get me wrong, it looks like a hell of a movie, but shouldn’t people at least have seen the movies that are being nominated?  Furthermore, you mean to tell me that Matt Damon’s role in The Martian was equivalent to Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in The Revenant?  Matt Damon is my man, but homeboy ate potatoes to prepare for his role, Leonardo ate raw livers with Native Indians, there’s a reason the fool won a Golden Globe!

So which minority actors or movies should have gotten some kind of recognition are you asking?  I am so glad that you did!  First of all, it’s not like Hollywood has minorities crawling out of the woodwork in Academy worthy performances.  Just because you see Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman in just about everything when you turn on your television doesn’t mean that minorities get mad roles either.  But damn it, shouldn’t that make it easier to see what black and brown actors are standing out in the few really good roles?  Did you see Creed?  Creed was a great movie, but if you are going to give Sylvester Stallone a well merited nomination for Supporting Actor then what about my man Michael B. Jordan?  Did Stallone just knock it out of the ballpark on his own?  The movie was not great just because of Stallone, Jordan was amazing in it and the reason the movie kicks ass!

I am glad Benicio del Toro got an Oscar for Traffic back in 2001, and maybe that’s why he was snubbed this year for his role in Sicario, but if Tom Hardy gets nominated for best supporting actor in The Revenant, which I thought he did a good job in, then please give Benicio del Toro at least tickets to the Academy after party or something for his outstanding job in Sicario! I honestly have never seen a mo’ badder dude in a movie than del Toro in Sicario, but clearly I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about!

In conclusion, this is the list of black Americans and Latinos who have won Oscars in Hollywood during this century:  2000 Benicio del Toro – Supporting Actor Traffic, 2001 Denzel Washintgon – Best Actor Training Day, 2001 Halle Berry – Best Actress Monster’s Ball, 2004 Jamie Foxx – Best Actor Ray, 2004 Morgan Freeman – Supporting Actor Million Dollar Baby, 2006 Forest Whitaker – Best Actor Last King of Scotland, 2006 Jennifer Hudson – Supporting Actress Dreamgirls, 2008 Javier Bardem – Supporting Actor No Country for Old Men, 2009 Mo’Nique – Supporting Actress Precious, 2014 Lupita Nyong’o – Supporting Actress 12 Years a Slave.  Out of that list of ten which is not a bad list if you think about it, half of those roles have to do with drugs, psycho killers, tyrants, slavery or entertainment figures.  I am not by any means taking anything away from those actors or those movies, they truly are great movies, I just want you to see if you notice a pattern?  If you don’t see a pattern then maybe I am just looking too deep into this.  I’ll just end by saying I would love to see Don Cheadle win an Oscar for a role like in Hotel Rwanda and not for a future role as a pimp or a singer or a criminal.  And if the Academy is going to nominate Eddie Redmayne, who is a hell of an actor, for his role as a transgender in The Danish Girl, then maybe in the future someone like Will Smith can get nominated for playing, uhmm, I don’t know, something crazy like an African doctor!  As far as the Academy Awards this year, Will Smith, text me playboy and I’ll come over and chill with you and Jada, I’ll bring beer and tacos!

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