Q&A: La Santa Cecilia Talks About Grammy Win

La Santa Cecilia Grammy
When you found out you were nominated for the Grammy how did it feel and how did you celebrate?

[quote]We were very surprised to be nominated! We were in San Francisco doing a show and our manager Gil was on standby checking nominations online. Then right before we went on stage we heard the news, we couldn’t believe it. So we celebrated the best way we could, by putting on the best show we could! We had a great energy that night, it was great![/quote]

How did it feel to be nominated among Latin Rock icons?

[quote]It was a big honor for us because they inspired our music so much. These icons were genre benders and pioneers for our generation. So to be nominated among them was so rewarding and special.[/quote]

How did you celebrate your Grammy win?

[quote]We’re still waiting to celebrate! We’ve just been so busy with press and interviews so eventually we’ll set aside some time to properly celebrate our win![/quote]


Who were you most excited to see at the Grammys?

[quote]We were most excited to see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and also Daft Punk’s performance.[/quote]

Anything we don’t know that happened at the Grammy?

[quote]What happens at the Grammys stays at the Grammys. Haha![/quote]

What’s next after the Grammy?

[quote]We’re excited to release a new album here in the U.S. in March called “Someday New” and we are also releasing “Treinta Dias” in Mexico. Our video for “Ice El Hielo” was nominated for Video Del Año on Premios Lo Nuestro so we are looking forward to that. We will also be performing at Vive Latino in Mexico at the end of March. And more opportunities are still rolling in so we are looking forward to what this year has to offer.[/quote]

Has your life changed after the Grammy?

[quote]No, not too much. It’s just inspired us to keep working harder and create more music, meet more people, see more places and not forget why it is we that we make music[/quote]

Watch “El Hielo” –
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