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Q&A: Nicole Talks US Concert Dates & New Music


Nicole is a queen in the Chilean Rock-Pop music scene and she is now heading to the states to showcase her talents on the global stage. She will be performing at SOB’s on July 7 and will also be part of the LAMC music conference happening in NYC next week.

LatinRECap: Is it your first time in NY performing? How is the audience in the US different from your established fan base in your home country?

Nicole: I recorded an album in NYC in 2001 Viaje Infinito and then I played with my band in some clubs. I also performed with the band at the Virgin store. I opened a La Ley show at the Apollo Theater. At that time I sang with the band Chicago at Radio City Hall for the World Music Jam, we sang their classic “If you leave me now”. And then I went twice to the LAMC. I think the U.S. audience has a story of culture and I’m always willing to hear new music, new bands.

LR: How do you feel as a Latin artist coming to perform and write an album in the U.S.? What can you tell us about editing an album here?

N: I feel very grateful as a musician to travel with my music to different places. Sharing and learning about other musicians and having different challenges is always an enriching experience.

LR: Are you working on any projects right now? If so where will they take you a year from now?

N: At the moment i’m promoting and playing my latest album titled Panal. I’m one of the coaches on Chilean TV show, The Voice Chile. And i’m also working on new songs, I hope to record them at the beginning of next year.

LR: Your video for “Baila” was directed by you, do you have prior experience in producing such works?

N: I’ve always been interested in working on my video clips. I’ve met very talented directors and producers that I work and learn from. But “Baila” is my first work as a Director.



Be sure to join us on July 7th at her SOB’s concert!


We’re loving Nicole’s new music as well as her mesmerizing underwater video for “Baila”, check it out:

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