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Disney celebrates Mickey Mouse’s birthday with South of the Border-themed short


When Walt Disney first put pen to pad and drew his most famous cartoon character in 1928, some of the most popular theater attractions were Westerns. Bandits and shootouts and tales involving rural villages without laws were all the rage.

So for Mickey Mouse’s birthday last week, it was only appropriate to send him back to the Wild West.

That’s just one of the many throwback touches in “¡Feliz Cumpleaños!,” the latest in a new series of Disney animated shorts appropriately called Disney Shorts.

The series has hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, a testament to Mickey’s staying power. (Think about it: How many 87-year-olds have YouTube subscribers?)

Anyone who’s seen the series is familiar with its vintage aesthetic. You can almost picture Walt Disney himself drawing these stills. The Mickey that spends his birthday dueling with rogue piñatas in Mexico bears a stronger resemblance to the Mickey of “Steamboat Willie,” which debuted Nov. 18, 1928, than the one you saw on your last trip to Walt Disney World.

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Challenger Wilfred Benitez of Puerto Rico (r., light trunks) counters welterweight champ Carlos Palomino (l.) of Mexico in classic 1979 title fight in San Juan.

Benitez vs. Palomino in 1979 fueled the ongoing Puerto Rico-Mexico boxing rivalry

Monday, November 9, 2015, 3:39 PM

(This is the first in a five-part series by the Daily News/Viva on the classic fights between Puerto Rican and Mexican boxers, leading up to Cotto vs. Canelo on Saturday, Nov. 21, live on Pay-Per-View.)

When Wilfred Benitez stepped into the ring against Carlos Palomino on Jan. 14, 1979, for a scheduled 15-round bout in San Juan, Puerto Rico, there was plenty more at stake than just Palomino’s WBC welterweight title.

For Benitez, a New York-born Puerto Rican known for his speed, savvy and defensive skills, beating Palomino — a future Hall of Famer born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles — would enable the young challenger to make a huge and lasting impression on the boxing world in front of his “home” crowd.

In Palomino’s case, defeating the upstart Benitez, the welterweight division’s leading contender, would help cement his place in boxing history and his hold on a championship belt he’d worn for nearly three years and seven fights.

But for boxing fans — especially Latinos — a victory by their chosen warrior would earn them bragging rights in what has evolved into the sport’s fiercest national rivalry:

Puerto Rico vs. Mexico.
“Fights between Mexican and Puerto Rican boxers are like cousins going at it,” says Joseph Santoliquito, president of the Boxing Writers Association of America.

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Mexican Parade ny 2015-1jpg

Mexican Day Parade on Madison Avenue

Crowds of all ages gathered to wave their red, white, and green flags while screaming “Viva Mexico!” at the city’s 19th annual Mexican Day Parade. The parade was held on Madison Avenue from 38th to 27th Street on Sunday, September 20th. This year’s parade celebrated Mexican independence and the 205th anniversary of the day catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo helped Mexico on its path to independence by giving his famous speech, “The Cry of Dolores”.

It is estimated that 8,000 spectators were present on this Sunday afternoon in New York City. According to Census stats, Mexicans are the fastest growing Ethnic group in the U.S. and represent upwards of approximately 500,000 residents in New York City alone. They also constitute the third largest Hispanic/Latino group in New York.

Mexican (Demographics of New York City)
At the 2010 Census, there were 319,263 Mexican Americans living in New York City.In 2009, it was estimated that of the city’s Hispanic population, 13.5% was of Mexican origin. Mexicans are the fastest growing group of Hispanic population. Some estimates suggest that Mexicans will surpass both Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in 2023 to become the city’s largest national Latino sub-group. As of 2011, the Mexican Consulate estimated about 500,000 Mexicans lived in New York City, of whom 35,000 spoke a Mexican indigenous language. –

The NY Daily News Float led the way, being the first in line to display their appreciation for New York’s Mexican community. Actors Arath de la Torre and Maite Perroni were also at the scene promoting ‘Antes Muerta Que Lichita’, Univision’s new telenovela. Like in the picture above, we saw many families together enjoying the sights. Children of all ages anticipated what was coming down the famous Avenue, just for them.

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Four Fitness Trends Latinos Need To Watch Out For!

Hey there my Fitness loving Latinos! Que pasa? I am Joey Olivo and am here to show you guys the world of of fitness and let you know what is going on, new classes and events that are trending as well as tips to keep you in shape and looking good! There is no style without being sexy, so here we begin!

NYC is home to many fitness trends and you can find many of the latest newest classes and events happening all around the city. Here are a few of the latest trends you should be watching out for this year.

1. Bike Sharing in NYC

The New York CitiBike share program is a huge win for fitness and better health in NYC. This gives the opportunity to utilize a shared bike to get around town instead of always taking mass transit. This type of program exists in over 500 cities throughout the world. Everywhere from Copenhagen to Mexico City you can find these types of programs. These forward thinking cities use this program as a way to enhance mobility, alleviate automotive congestion, reduce air pollution, boost health, support local businesses, and attract more young people. Years ago, NYC began the initiatives of installing more bike lanes, now this program will bring forth a huge positive step for the environment and for the health of the people in NY! Taking a bike instead of the train will give your fitness level and fat loss a huge boost. Be on the look out!

2. Obstacle Races

If you haven’t run one of these yet then you are truly missing out! They are kind of like the Hunger Games meets the decathalon. I have trained quite a few Latinos speficially for these events and have seen them get hooked! Everything from the Tough Mudder to the Spartan Race each have their own feel and obstacles. Some races will challenge every fiber of your being and some are more for the fun and party aspect. Either way you will have a good time! The fun part is training for one and building up the anticipation, get a team together and train with your friends. It is a great goal to motivate you and keep you active. Make sure you stay on top of your team and support each other. Training is tough but finishing the race is fun and rewarding. These obstacle races are sure to keep you focused throughout the year.

3. Women lifting heavier weights

Yes, believe it or not more women getting into the weight room has been more common then ever. Many of them are starting to see the true benefit of weight training and the changes it can bring to their bodies. With various training gyms like Crossfits and more Military style training camps and obstacle races women are being shown the value of weights. With more hardcore types of workouts and circuits hitting the scene do not be taken back by seeing more women competing right along side the guys! No more pink dumbbells! Say hello to a new trend of women really looking to change their bodies by using weight training to burn fat and shape their bodies.

4. High Intensity Interval Training 

Be on the lookout for a more intense type of class that will put any old bootcamp to shame. Times are changing and people are talking. High Intensity Interval Training AKA “HIIT” used to be known exclusively by professional athletes. HIIT is a series of short super intense cardio-strength intervals with short recovery periods in between.   Over the last few years classes that have HIIT components like Tababta, MetCon, and Crossfit have been packed up because people are seeing major results without having to be in the gym for hours at a time. These classes are definitely worth checking out and you will find them coming soon to a gym near you!

lamc recap 2015

Photos: LAMC Recap 2015

Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC)

NYC, July 7 – 11, 2015

Affinia Hotel in New York City was the hub for Latin Alternative artists from all over the US and Latin America during another incredible Latin Alternative Music Conference, aka LAMC. This year was the 16th annual LAMC and we partied like so. We enjoyed the showcases, the interesting panels, the live shows in the park, and all the goodies in our LAMC bags!

Musicians from all over came to showcase their talents for New York music lovers. Vicentico was definitely the big star at the conference. Everyone anticipated getting that coveted photo of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ frontman. Our photographer Lou Aguilar, who is also a big fan, was there to bring you these awesome shots of his performance at SummerStage as well as some candid shots of people at the conference.

Panels included a very special presentation by Charly Alberti (Soda Stereo) talking about his foundation R21. There was also a conversation panel with Vicentico discussing the 20th year anniversary of Rey Azucar. This panel was led by Raul Campos from KCRW with guests Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth (Tom Tom Club, Talking Heads).

Each year there seems to be more buzz surrounding the LAMC than in previous years, which is an excellent thing because we get to see the conference through many different perspectives. There is so much going on at LAMC that it’s impossible for one person or outlet to catch it all.

My new favorite groups were Torreblanca, Centavrus, and Buscabulla which I got to enjoy at Highline Ballroom for the indie music showcase. Buscabulla was awarded the Artist Discovery Award by LAMC as well as most photogenic performance, awarded by me… See the pictures below! We also got to hang out with really cool and talented DJs, Basico3 from Guatemala and DJ Juan Data from Cali. Check out their mixes on Soundcloud!

The most exciting show of the conference for me was Los Auténticos Decadentes at Celebrate Brooklyn with Astro and Kinky. All bands we’ve seen perform at previous conferences, but we didn’t mind, we didn’t mind at all. If getting wet with Los Auténticos Decadentes (you had to be there to know what I mean!) could be on my list of things to do every summer, it would be! Porque yo, no quiero trabajar, no quiero ir a estudiar, no…

Since 2010 we have taken part in the conference to bring you an inside look at what the conference is all about. Each year we become more excited about this movement and the musicians who represent this new flavor of Latin Music, an ever expanding genre that can be enjoyed by all, not just Latinos.

LAMC is now 16 years alive with music and here we bring you some of our favorite memories of this year’s conference. Enjoy!

Photos by Lou Aguilar, Nicole Gonzalez, and Joana Gonzalez

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Univision Trumps Miss USA and “The Donald” responds

The fallout to the comments made by U.S. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump about Mexico and how he would deal with immigration could be compared to nuclear winter. The collateral damage done by Trump is still being totaled.

Trump was quoted at his announcement as candidate for the U.S. Presidency:

“When they (Mexico) come to this country, they’re bringing drugs, crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.”


In summary, since last Thursday, Trump managed to alienate the country of Mexico and Latino’s in the U.S. and abroad. He lost the services of Univision, the largest Spanish television network, who pulled out of coverage of his Miss USA Pageant and other shows under his Miss Universe Organization. This means Miss Universe as well. They responded:

“At Univision, we see first-hand the work ethic, love for family, strong religious values and the important role Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans have had and will continue to have in building the future of our country.”


Latino Entertainers have responded as well starting with Reggaeton artist J.Balvin and co-host Roselyn Sanchez pulling out of the pageant. Cristian De La Fuente and Zuleyka Rivera have also followed suit. Mana and Ricky Martin have had their say as well. Below are bullet point quotes made by them about Trump.

J. Balvin: “I’m no savior and I’m no Robin Hood. But in this case, I feel totally comfortable and responsible with my decision.”
Roselyn Sanchez: “His comments were an insult to our culture. I won’t sponsor anything produced by Donald Trump.
Lupita Jones: (Former Miss Universe from Mexico) “insulting and misleading”
Ashley Campuzano (East Los High star): “Some people will just let people talk about you or say things about your country or your people and what type of person you are.”
Ricky Martin: “Trump has much hatred and ignorance in his heart”
Fher Olvera (Mana): “Trump is an incompetant man, a cabron, and his violent speeches remind me of Hitler”

The NHLA (The National Leadership Agenda) have spearheaded a movement to get NBC Universal to also bow out of covering Miss USA. Trump has responded by not allowing Univision employees on his golf courses and threatening to sue Univision on a contract that he claims is not breakable. He continues to accuse Univision of bowing to their wishes and congratulating Mexico for trade deals with the U.S that favors them and promising that if he was president that “those days would be over”.

In an attempt to give Trump a platform to revise or clarify his statements CNN host, Jake Tapper spoke to Trump. He responded by saying he loves Mexico and their people and enjoy great business relations but he also pointed out that he would correct the imbalance caused by Mexico taking advantage of the United States starting by forcing Mexico to build a wall on the border.

“You force them because we give them a fortune.”

Trump explained,

“A wall is a tiny peanut compared to that.”

The war between Trump and Univision has since slogged down into a back and forth affair. Univision President Alberto Ciurana posted a photo comparing Trump to the Charleston gunman who killed nine people. He attempted to apologize, but Trump rejected it and responded by posting the cell phone number of Univision correspondent Jorge Ramos, which he provided in an interview request. Trump lashed out saying that Univision, who is covering the Presidential election, is in essence being two-faced.

At the end of the day, Trump, now 69, is an excellent businessman but horrible as far as media savviness. He appears to be out of touch and his rants will only cripple his election desires since the Latino vote is essential now as he has won pro-Americans to his “tough” stances on everything including “The Mexican problem”.

He has put his show organization in a fix, losing half of his viewership with a single stroke. His future business dealings will also suffer but not as much as his reputation. For the foreseeable future, as far as Latinos go, he is the face of what’s wrong with America. Ultimately, making a point with no flexibility will not win him a Presidency or the respect of a people.

UPDATE: Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants will no longer air on NBC.

WATCH: Full Interview, Jose Diaz-Balart speaks with Donald Trump

Enrique Iglesias Injured by Drone at Tijuana concert (WATCH VIDEO)


Enrique Iglesias was injured last night in a bullring in Tijuana, Mexico. But no, it was not a bull, but a drone that got the international star all bloodied. This begs the question of how did a drone end up in an Enrique Sex and Love World Tour concert?

Enrique iglesias

Apparently, Enrique uses a drone during the show to show off shots of the crowd and on certain nights grabs it to provide the audience a Point of View shot. This is where it went wrong. In the attempt to handle the drone he suffered an accident and was bleeding enough from two sliced fingers that he had to be advised that he should stop the concert and get further treatment.

Enrique refused and in an act of great courage he continued performing for 30 minutes, still bleeding throughout. Afterwards, he was rushed to the airport where an ambulance led him to a plane which arrived in Los Angeles where he saw a specialist.

Enrique is currently undergoing reconstructive surgery on the hand as of present time.

Watch the video below:

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Cinco de Mayo Is Not Mexican Independence Day


The celebrations that have come to be accepted as “Cinco de Mayo” have become one of the largest holidays in Mexico and Hispanics in the United States. However many confuse this as Mexico‘s Independence Day which is actually on May 16th. What is the event that happened on this day that makes Mexico beam with pride and why did the United States smile quietly as a result?

In 1862 the French were rulers in Mexico while the United States were engaged in their own civil war. The French had occupied Mexico after the United States defeated them in the Mexican War. After a civil war nearly drained the finances of the country, the result was Mexican President Benito Juárez suspended foreign debt payments which brought France, Britain, and Spain to demand the opposite. Napeoleon III was the only one who stayed and attempted to establish an empire for France.


They drove the Mexican government into hiding and had 6,000 troops poised to strike a smaller force at Puebla on May 5th. The tiny Mexican army inflicted a major surprise defeat on the French army and was the catalyst to the eventual winning of Independence in 1867.

“Although not a major strategic win in the overall war against the French, Zaragoza’s success at Puebla represented a great symbolic victory for the Mexican government and bolstered the resistance movement.”

As quoted from The History Channel program on the war.

The United States, who were to be kept busy until 1865 were aware of rumors of a French invasion from Mexico and England from the north when they were worn down enough. But Mexico resistance helped delay that possibility and as soon as the American Civil War ended, the U.S. sent troops to the border. Donald W. Miles explained:

“At the time, there were fears in the United States that the French would use Mexico as a base to back the Confederacy, so President Lincoln and his Secretary of State went out of their way to appear ‘neutral’ in the Mexican situation.

So, the battle of Puebla on May 5th, a David over Goliath victory, which bought time for a still very young U.S. Republic in their own disarray, is the reason for celebration in these two countries, often protagonists but friendly when necessary.