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Mexican Day Parade on Madison Avenue

Crowds of all ages gathered to wave their red, white, and green flags while screaming “Viva Mexico!” at the city’s 19th annual Mexican Day Parade. The parade was held on Madison Avenue from 38th to 27th Street on Sunday, September 20th. This year’s parade celebrated Mexican independence and the 205th anniversary of the day catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo helped Mexico on its path to independence by giving his famous speech, “The Cry of Dolores”.

It is estimated that 8,000 spectators were present on this Sunday afternoon in New York City. According to Census stats, Mexicans are the fastest growing Ethnic group in the U.S. and represent upwards of approximately 500,000 residents in New York City alone. They also constitute the third largest Hispanic/Latino group in New York.

Mexican (Demographics of New York City)
At the 2010 Census, there were 319,263 Mexican Americans living in New York City.In 2009, it was estimated that of the city’s Hispanic population, 13.5% was of Mexican origin. Mexicans are the fastest growing group of Hispanic population. Some estimates suggest that Mexicans will surpass both Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in 2023 to become the city’s largest national Latino sub-group. As of 2011, the Mexican Consulate estimated about 500,000 Mexicans lived in New York City, of whom 35,000 spoke a Mexican indigenous language. –

The NY Daily News Float led the way, being the first in line to display their appreciation for New York’s Mexican community. Actors Arath de la Torre and Maite Perroni were also at the scene promoting ‘Antes Muerta Que Lichita’, Univision’s new telenovela. Like in the picture above, we saw many families together enjoying the sights. Children of all ages anticipated what was coming down the famous Avenue, just for them.

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Original Menudo Members

Original MENUDO Reunion in New York City

Original Menudo Members

The boy band known as Menudo that caught the imagination of young Puerto Rican girls on the island, and especially in New York City, when they would make their yearly appearance, could only be compared to that of The Beatles arriving.

There were usually five members and when their voices started to mature or they became of age they would be replaced for younger talent. The original five that put Menudo on the map were Ricky Melendez, Miguel Cancel, Rene Farrait, Johnny Lozada, Ray Reyes and Charlie Masso.

They reached their apex in the early 80’s with a cross-over English album and with the addition of Ricky Martin and later Robby Rosa, the first U.S. born Puerto Rican member. But it was the original five that caught the imagination of the home island.

Menudo Reunion

They will be performing at the Beacon Theatre on July 17th of this year. This is a continuation of a series of comeback performances that started in 1998 when the first reunion of the originals took place.

This concert will mark the first New York City performance in 17 years. It will be a nostalgic evening as the band will sing past favorites like “Claridad”, “Por Amor”, “Quiero Ser”“Voulez Vous”, “Fuego”, “Y Yo No Bailo”, “Subete a Mi Moto” and “Si Tu No Estas”. The songs that were personal anthems for pre-teen Puerto Ricans in the early 80’s will be revived for this one-time event.

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Polito Vega “The King Of Radio” Talks Show On Amor 93.1

On May 11, 2015 the conference room of the SBS building in NYC was filled with New York media and news outlets from all over Latin America. Media from countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and many online publications came to hear Polito Vega officially announce his radio show on Amor 93.1 FM. At his side was Latin Radio Superstar Luis Jimenez who also has joined the Amor 93.1 FM family with his show #SinCensura. The press conference was impressive and at the same time very amusing. With this radio team the jokes are always nonstop.

Polito Vega with his charisma and charm proved why he is still the “King Of The Radio”.  He spoke about how important it is to listen to every cd they are given as DJ’s and to show respect for people’s hard work, something that is not done very often in the business. Press had the chance to ask questions but also show how much people from all over the world love and respect his radio legacy. Polito has been in front of the microphone since 1960, and until his microphone turns off forever we will still hear “Andando, Andando, Cambio, Cambio!!!” for many years to come!

You can listen to his new show every Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 8 pm on Amor 93.1 FM or online at

Photos By Nicole Gonzalez 

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nathalie hazim

Nathalie Hazim Makes NY Debut on Mother’s Day

The latest artist to be unleashed from the promotional arm Fusion 4 Media is about to be seen first hand here in New York City on May 9th at the Teatro United Palace for a special concert celebrating Mother’s Day.

The event, christened “Celebrando el Dia de las Madres” will be headlined by Cristian Castro, Wason Brazoban, and J’Martin and will include Nathalie as the sole female artist of the evening. Hazim is very excited by the prospects.


Nathalie shared,

“This is my first concert in New York. It’s an opportunity of vital importance and will prepare the public to receive me in a major locale.”

Nathalie, a versatile artist from Santo Domingo, has established herself as one of the premier solo artists in the Dominican Republic with her album, El Espejo de tus Ojos. Her recent colloboration with Wason Brazoban on the song “Esta noche y Yo” bore fruit as she will be performing that hit at this Saturday’s concert.

Nathalie is quite aware of the impact that a concert of this size promises as Dominicans in New York are aware of her moves on the island. The United Palace is located in Washington Heights and serves as a symbolic “home” arena for Dominican performers specifically and Latin artists in general. The romantic songstress who rocked Dominican Radio stations with “Tus Silencios” and “Cuando Digo Te Quiero.” is expected to be well received as she unveils her brand of music tomorrow night for all the mothers.

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Photos: Gloria Trevi #DePelicula Tour

Stage 48 in New York City was the set for this #DePelicula tour. Gloria Trevi delighted her crowd with a show that was like from a movie. With extravagant outfits changes, wigs that pretty much covered all the different types of hairstyles and different props. She performed her hits from the old stuff to the new with few surprises in between.

Gloria performed in front of a full house with an audience that barely had space to move around, but that didn’t stop the fans of boys and girls to sing and dance at this show. Gloria addressed the crowds as she was talking to her buddies and that made the fans feel connected to her and they enjoyed her performance.  The show is a must see!  And for the hardcore fans, visit her website to see how you can meet la Gloria! Click Here:

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Gloria Trevi Tour


Photos: The Colombian Film Festival Is Back @ Tribeca Cinemas


The second annual Colombian Film Festival will kick off this week, starting March 25th through the 30th at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City. The Colombian Film Festival is an International Latin Film Festival that supports emerging and established filmmakers, directors, producers, and actors across the Latin Film Industry.

Founders Juan Carvajal and Adriana Aristizabal say they created the festival with the purpose of showing Colombia’s fascinating culture through films, “We want be a driving force in making Colombia the new mecca for Latin American film and share the Latin culture through the power of cinema”.

We attended the press conference at the America’s Society where actress Paola Turbay and Carolina Guerra where present to introduce the official selection of films.

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Fiction Category: “Jardín de Amapolas” by Juan Carlos Melo (Colombia), “Anina” by Alfredo Soderguit (Co-production Colombia-Uruguay), “Cazando Luciérnagas” by Roberto Flores (Colombia), “Ocho Tiros” de Bruno Hernandez (Co-production Colombia Argentina), “Crónicas del Fin del Mundo” by Mauricio Cuervo (Colombia), “Deshora” by Bárbara Sarasola (Co-production Colombia Argentina), “El Faro” by Francisco Botia (Colombia), “Gallows Hill” by Víctor García (Co-production Colombia Estados Unidos), “Mateo” by María Gamboa (Colombia), “Simone” by Luis Zapata (Colombia), “La Tierra en la Lengua” by Rubén Mendoza (Colombia), “Todas Para Uno” by Harold Trompetero (Argentina), “Las Tetas de mi Madre” by Carlos Zapata (Colombia).

Documentaries: “La Eterna Noche de las Doce Lunas” by Priscilla Padilla (Colombia), “El Viaje del Acordeón” by Rey Sagbini and Andrew Tucker (Colombia), “Looking For” by Andrea Said (Colombia), “Réquiem NN” by Juan Manuel Echavarría (Colombia).

Shorts: Official Selection BogoShorts -Solecito, Mi Abuela, Los hijos del Catatumbo, Flores, Esa Única Mujer, Animalario, Esa Música, El tiple, El Magnífico Niño León, La Calle Estéreo, Rio.

Official Selection Frank Sinatra School of Arts -My Mother (Director: Autumn Ortega 17 years), The Monroy Brothers (Director: Daniel Monroy 16 years), An Angel in Queens (Director: Mikaela Aguirre, 17 years), Not Music (Director: Jonathan Santos 16 years), Looking Forward (Director: Sabrina Mendoza 16 years), A Tale of Two Delis (Director: Miguel Cortes 17 years)

Guest: Bogotá, Bacatá, who knows… / Bogotá Bacata yo que sé …(Director: Juan Andres Rodríguez), The Dark Room / El Cuarto Oscuro (Director : Jose Luis Arzuaga), Zmartwychwstanie (Resurrection)(Resurrección) (Director : Andres Sandoval), Connecting (Director : Juan Carvajal)

Blockbusters: “Corazón de León” by Marcos Carnevale (Argentina), “Nosotros Los Nobles” by Gary Alazraki (México), and “No se Aceptan Devoluciones” by Eugenio Derpez (México).

Film Retrospective: “La Estrategia del Caracol” by Sergio Cabrera (Colombia), “Tiempo de Morir” by Jorge Alí Triana (Colombia) y “Visa USA” by Lisandro Duque (Colombia).

For more information visit:


Dominican Duo Changes The Face Of Production

It is a sign of sophistication in the Urban Latin music world when one thinks out of the box. When two friends do this, it becomes a plan and the idea grows to its natural fruition. Such was the case with two producers, Alcover and Xtassy (A&X), who have made a name for themselves producing for large names like Don Omar, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, and Romeo Santos, among others.

The occasion was the grand opening of “We are Loud” studios in the Bronx. This studio serves multiple purposes and was created as a way to give back to the community that supports the music they help create. For the Latin Billboard producers of the year in 2013, it is all about the plan. “It’s not only about the music. You have to have a team and a marketing plan.” Xtassy explained.

Both are from humble beginnings so they used their work ethic and ideas to gain the trust of local artists as they built a reputation in the Dominican Republic and by extension New York City. It was from their limited means earlier in the game that allows them to emphasize with the needs others have in the business. “If our friends wanted to hear us, they had to come to our house to hear it.”


A chance meeting with Don Omar took two tries to secure but once they did magic was created with two of Don Omar’s most successful efforts. The signature moment was probably the most played song in 2013, “Dutty Love” with Don Omar and protégé Natti Natasha, who appeared this evening. “It’s the people’s song.” Alcover refers to the lack of promotion of that particular song. The names that came to support this opening are examples of style over substance. You had director Jessy Terrero, Henry Santos, as well as “Orange is the New Black” actress, Jackie Cruz.

But the space that A&X created was as diverse as their music. Starting from the main space at the end of a long foyer as you entered, we had a large open space with white concrete floors running from wall to wall and intersecting it. This will be used for live performances, photo shoots, and parties.

In the adjoining rooms we viewed a DJ classroom with equipment laid out on separate desks. The DJ Booth contained a handmade set with several Latin Mixx Awards decorating the walls. But the centerpiece was A&X Studio space. The walls decked out in red, white, and blue, with clouds depicted as well. The studio was well equipped and if you close your eyes, you can almost hear Don Omar at work on his new project.

This is what can be done when two young men with a dream, ideas, and a plan work hard and think out of the box. As they move into 2014 they have the secret to their success imbedded mentally. Alcover shared why, “We’re not the only producers around but we work hard and those that do stay relevant.”.

Check out A&X at their studio in an interview with BoncheVIP:

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Photos: Menopausia, El Musical

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Menopause the musical has been making women laugh for 12 continuous years and is now open with a Latin twist and completely in spanish. The latinas in this musical are very talented and their voices and acting talents unveil themselves on stage, the chemistry they show together on stage is undeniable.

Graciela Valderrama, Paloma Morales, Diana Burbano and Marabina Jaimes are the four actresses that give life to this spanish musical. Directed by Seth Greeleaf and produced by Gfour, tells the story of four women who happen to be in the famous Bloomingdale’s store in New York City. While shopping they find out how much they have in common, they are all experiencing the moment of “change”.

We were at the opening night and it’s a must see. These talented Latinas will surely make you laugh, even if you’re not going through menopause we’re sure you know someone who is. Support the arts by Latinos so we can see more work like this!

Event Recap:
What: ‘ Menopause . The musical ‘
When: from October 11, 2013
Where: Ricardo Montalban Theatre , 1615 Vine St. , LA

Cost: $30 – $65

More Info: (323) 461-6999


Win Tickets To Miguelito’s Album Launch Party in NYC


New York City will be “Partying Nonstop” with Miguelito this Saturday as he launches his New Album at Sob’s. We are giving the opportunity to 5 lucky girls to meet him and be on our special vip list! See the details below for entry.

Check out Miguelito‘s Puerto Rican Day parade performance.

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