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nathalie hazim

Nathalie Hazim Makes NY Debut on Mother’s Day

The latest artist to be unleashed from the promotional arm Fusion 4 Media is about to be seen first hand here in New York City on May 9th at the Teatro United Palace for a special concert celebrating Mother’s Day.

The event, christened “Celebrando el Dia de las Madres” will be headlined by Cristian Castro, Wason Brazoban, and J’Martin and will include Nathalie as the sole female artist of the evening. Hazim is very excited by the prospects.


Nathalie shared,

“This is my first concert in New York. It’s an opportunity of vital importance and will prepare the public to receive me in a major locale.”

Nathalie, a versatile artist from Santo Domingo, has established herself as one of the premier solo artists in the Dominican Republic with her album, El Espejo de tus Ojos. Her recent colloboration with Wason Brazoban on the song “Esta noche y Yo” bore fruit as she will be performing that hit at this Saturday’s concert.

Nathalie is quite aware of the impact that a concert of this size promises as Dominicans in New York are aware of her moves on the island. The United Palace is located in Washington Heights and serves as a symbolic “home” arena for Dominican performers specifically and Latin artists in general. The romantic songstress who rocked Dominican Radio stations with “Tus Silencios” and “Cuando Digo Te Quiero.” is expected to be well received as she unveils her brand of music tomorrow night for all the mothers.

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Salsa and Bachata unite for number 1

It’s quite an accomplishment to take two artists well known for a specific style of music and by teaming them together, score a number one song. Such is the case here as Jerry Rivera and Anthony Santos came together to release “Bohemian Night.” It currently tops the Billboard Tropical Charts.

Jerry was quite pleased with the fruition of a ton of hard work which went into the project which are making the rounds in digital stores throughout the world.

“”Well I’m happy to have reached the number 1 position on the Billboard charts. I owe this to our audience who so warmly received this bachata song made with love,”

Jerry Rivera pointed out.

“Noche Bohemia” was composed by Juan Ignacio Polanco Baez and the arrangement by Camilo Bencosme. Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, was the recording locale, a place that Jerry Rivera is revered.

Its a perfect time for this result as Jerry is due in the United States in June arrives for his “Tour Bus” run. But what everyone will continue to marvel at is the chemistry between Jerry and the The Mayimbe of Bachata Anthony Santos which made it possible.

“I consider it an honor to do this interpretation of this song with Jerry”,

Santos explained,

“who I respect and value as a great artist.”





The latest Freestyle event to be held at the Resorts World Casino New York City in Far Rockaway, NY, was a night of veteran artists who were on their game. The genre of dance music called “Freestyle” with young Latin artists who reached their heights in the late 90’s, continue to thrive as their fan base remains loyal, and the artists respond because of it.

Fascination, a nurse during the day reflects the general feeling that they would have retired long ago if not for the fans.

“This is an absolute, I cannot even tell you how it feels like as an performer to come here and see fans who are true die freestyle fans, who have been with us for years, come here and just encourage us.. Its a high for me.”


C-Bank after a two decade absence, understands why the genre ran its course.

“At this point in the game there’s no real market for freestyle on the radio. but fans keep it alive and keep it going.”

The fact that she just got back and is in form is a case of will power over time.


“I’m just getting back on the scene last year after a twenty year hiatis.”

C-Bank explained,

“I’m loving it, I feel I haven’t skipped a beat and continuing where I left off and it feels great.”

In addition the show was packed with legends like Nyasia, Lisette Melendez, Coro, and Lisa, Lisa who all came out and turned back the clock. Especially inspiring was the performance of Safire at 49 years of age. The comedy of Mark Vieri was hilarious in his two spots. The hosts Sal Abbatiello, who has the finger on the pulse, and Speedy kept the show moving well. There are new shows to come at the World Resorts Casino.

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2014-12-22 13.10.22
They are various sub genres within the genres of music. In the case of merengue there is an 1850’s off shoot called merengue tipico which is also known as perico ripiao. Four young men from New York of Dominican descent, Yanez, Geno, and Sebastian, better known as Tipico Urbano, are all New York born dominicanos who are doing what young artists in the Latin market have been doing.

By taking an established form and music and fusing it with an Urban touch, they have defined a style for themselves. ”

The roots of the music are traditional with a dab of our our own spice.”

Also known as T-Urban they are not afraid to try something off the cusp. A song that started as a joke in the studio led them to record it when they found it sounded good in the remix. The result is a remake of O.G. Genasis “I’m in love with the coco.”

Now a few months later, Tipico Urbano is working regular shows on the east coast and are touring the Dominican Republic next and the rest of the U.S. Listen on your radio stations soon for their single “I’m in love with the coco.”



Mala Reignz, award winning Hip-Hop artist and entreprenuer, has been busy in the business for over a decade. She recently partnered with J30 to create the indie music label, ScholarVMG. Before this Mala had launched a line of necklaces called “Bad Girl Chainz” that she refers to it as “hybrid neck candy.”

It has developed such a following that it attracted the attention of online superstore, GroupOn. Together they announced the partnership that will make them available for the next four months. The chains are miniature replicas of the logo Mala made famous. She displayed these in interviews, concerts, and other events. It is bathed in 100% Swarovski Crystals, topped off with a chunky gold chain.

Mala has her definition of what a “bad girl” is and what this line represents symbolically.

“Its a girl who holds it down at school, home, and in her career.”

GroupOn feels its a natural for the upcoming holidays. Mala Reignz has found another way to change the view of female rappers as an all-business “Bad Girl.”

The Book of Life

In Theaters : The Book of Life

The Book of Life
This Halloween The Book of Life is a must see! Click here to buy tickets near you! From producer Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge Gutierrez comes an animated comedy with a unique visual style. THE BOOK OF LIFE is the journey of Manolo, a young man who is torn between fulfilling the expectations of his family and following his heart. Before choosing which path to follow, he embarks on an incredible adventure that spans three fantastical worlds where he must face his greatest fears. THE BOOK OF LIFE encourages us to celebrate the past while looking forward to the future. The cast bringing this story to life features some top Latino celebrities like Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana, Kate del Castillo among Channing Tatum, Ron Perlman, Christina Applegate and Ice Cube.

View the Trailer and you will want to see more! In theaters Click Here FANDANGO to buy tickets near you!

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Rich with a fresh take on pop music favorites, like the ranchera version of Radiohead Creep sang by Diego Luna, Soundtrack Music was by Gustavo Santaolalla. 
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Enrique - Ayer
Enrique Iglesias has sold over 100 million copies of the ten albums he has produced over these many years. He is enjoying a lengthy run at #1 with his album “Bailando” in its 22nd week on the top spot. But this is not why history has called.

That same single marked Enrique’s 13th single to be number one on the Billboard Dance Club Song Chart. No male singer has done this. Not Prince, not even Michael Jackson.

In addition his single is the first non-english song to to reach the top 10 on Top 40 radio since Rio’s Macarena in 1996. Enrique is enjoying a very successful tour with Pitbull promoting his “Sex and Love” album. And now he stands alone in music history.


Chico Sonido Releases Sad Girl Mixtape


It looks like living in LA has finally gotten the best of Chico Sonido. The DJ/Producer (nee Raul Espinosa) from Mexico recently released a new mixtape of summertime oldies like the ones legendary disc jockey Art Laboe would play on his radio show.

The mixtape includes 18 beats that have been recontextualized/chopped up with samples of classic R&B, Soul, and Oldies commonly found on lowrider music compilations. It’s “barrio music for gangsters of love,” he explains, “firme soul music for sad cholas and vatos locos.”

It’s a bit of a departure from his days working alongside Toy Selectah and starting a tribal musical revolution but just as great.

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David Lindes Guatemalan Songwriter

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On his self-titled debut album, David Lindes borrows from Mexican, Brazilian, and Caribbean styles, with heavy doses of Americana and subtle electronic elements. The result is 11 tracks: 5 in English, 5 in Spanish, and the last one—“No Woman, No Cry”—in both. The “spanglish” version of the Bob Marley track is currently featured in a YouTube performance video by Lindes, and Directed by Brandon Arnold.

“The video was created at our favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City, Frida Bistro, and the backup singer is my wife. Because the story is about an immigrant laborer singing to his far away wife, singing this song together does hae a sense of intimacy and sadness. It makes us feel fortunate to be together, and it makes us feel a sense of empathy for couples that are kept apart by a border,” said Lindes.

The album was released through online music retailers on June 1st. David’s songs address themes from his personal experience, having come to the United States from Guatemala with his mother and older sister as a child. He sings about immigration as an act of heroism and hope, but also one of violence, “A brutal break with your past, your family, and yourself,” he explains.


From gently syncopated Latin ballads sung in English to Delta Blues-tinged anthems about migration and social change, the rhythms and languages combine to capture a bicultural world where identity is hard to define and a sense of home is always in flux. The album was co-produced by Brazilian percussionist Edson Gianesi and David Lindes.

arturo o'farrill afro latin jazz

Afro Latin Jazz Magic with Arturo O´Farrill Orchestra!

arturo o'farrill afro latin jazz

Last Saturday, the lucky lovers of music that got tickets for Apollo Theater were able to see magic on stage: Arturo O´Farrill and his Orchestra put people on their feet.

Arturo was honoring his father, Chico O´Farrill, who 65 years ago composed the acclaimed “Afro Cuban Jazz Suite”. So for the 80th anniversary of the Apollo, the theater commissioned Arturo to compose a review of the piece. After all his life building a career on his own and trying not to be compared to his father, Arturo was facing a hard mission. We can say he succeeded.

With his “Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra”, Arturo went a step forward and displayed a genuine masterpiece. More than 20 people on stage, including several kinds of drums, converted the Apollo Theatre into a celebration of jazz, heart music, and fight. Why fight? Because Arturo also used the occasion to present his just released album The Offense of Drum: a social and politically active call to people of the world.

Arturo explained that drums have been used as political and religious instruments in all cultures, especially in African and American cultures. He wants to make a reflection about how WE, the people, have to stop being silent, have to act, and do something to change this world. In my opinion, those pieces were the more powerful of the concert, especially the interesting rap “They came”.

Two hours of concert made it clear to me that Latin Jazz is in good shape, and I left the Apollo with the wonderful feeling of having been part of a moment that will be legend.