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Messiah talks about his shining musical career

We had the opportunity to talk with new Latin urban sensation Messiah in the studio. If you haven’t heard of him yet, we are sure you will very soon. For the past 3 years Messiah has been causing lots of noise in the streets of New York, although his musical career started much before that with his duo Tali & Messiah.

Messiah has broken the stereotype of Reggaetoneros because you can find him singing a bolero, pop reggaeton, or a hardcore hip hop rap. With his captivating charm he has been able to round up fans all over Latin America. He has had successful tours in Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.

He was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Washington Heights by the name of Emmanuel Benito, but today we simply know him as Messiah who will give us lots to write about in the future! You can check out his charisma and talents in this new exclusive interview above.

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